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Jeffrey Slayter’s The Business Evolution is for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Business Professionals, and Business Owners who want to learn the powerful frameworks of business so they can create a lasting impact on more people in the marketplace. The Business Evolution combines all the essential elements needed to explode your current reach and set up a business that is automated with a clear marketing strategy.

Learn the tools and techniques to fulfill your personal and business goals. This course brings together sales, marketing and your vision to create change in humanity without the confusion of how to connect the dots. A clear model to grow your business and generate more leads.

No matter what area of business you are in, this will enhance your ability to influence results across all facets of your business:

  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Joint Business Ventures
  • Automation
  • Package and Positioning

The empowering philosophy driving The Business Evolution is a beautiful metaphor…

“The Bird Who Is Not Afraid Of A Branch Breaking Because It Knows it Can Count On Its Wings”

Gain the knowledge through The Business Evolution that is required to fly in your business!! Gain the confidence and capacity to change through the evolving demands of your marketplace!!

Key Benefits

  • Rapidly Grow Your Business – with ethical sales techniques that create a win- win for you and your clients.
  • Work Smarter not Harder – Learn how to Do Less in your business with advanced automation systems
  • Increase Your Reach – by discovering effective ways to use lead funnels that will convert
  • Enhance Your Marketing Strategy with top techniques for social media that are easy to implement and bring real results
  • Know Yourself Know Your Business – Deepen your self awareness in order to capitalise on your strength and out source your weaknesses for a more profitable business with impact.
  • Clarify Your Vision – by learning how to clearly package and position yourself in a way that makes it easy for you and your clients to work together.

Who It Is For

Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants who want to make a difference in peoples’ lives, by learning the skills of business so that they can reach more people who they can share their gifts with. The Business Evolution will help you to position and package yourself in a way that has far greater reach with more clarity.

Business Owners who are responsible for their business growth and expansion, and committed to growing their own leadership and skills.

Awakening Entrepreneurs who know that by developing high quality business skills they can contribute their gift to the world, in a larger way then before.

Leaders who truly get the value of themselves and what they bring to the world as an asset to their life and business, and want an effective business framework they can use to help fulfill their business visions.

Individuals looking to get into business, and realise that by gaining clarity in your vision will position you to grow a successful business where you work less for more.

This course will also train individuals who want to potentially earn 7 figures as a coach, consultant or trainer.

Who It Is Not For

 People only wanting sales techniques, but have no heart-felt desire to use business as a vehicle for making a positive difference
 People looking to sell “Get Rich Quick” opportunities or material of the like.
 People who have no sense of integrity when it comes to business, and usually employ deceptive practices to bump their bottom-line in a short-sighted manner.
 People looking to sell weapons, services of destruction, or causes that directly harm animals.

About Your Trainer

Rossco Paddison has started and built many successful businesses including Profit Spaces – a coworking space for ambitious entrepreneurs. Over the past 10 years he has inspired from the stage thousands of startups, business owners and not-for-profits to discover their direct path to the results they’re looking for. Rossco is also highly sought after as a business coach and consultant where he works one on one with clients to grow and scale their businesses.

Rossco loves to share insights from his knowledge and experience in helping clients automate their businesses in order to work more profitably. He teaches business strategies that are effective and proven to increase the bottom line for the entrepreneurs and businesses he mentors.

Rossco has spent many years working with Jeffrey – both in event rooms and behind the scenes on other projects. He is one of Jeffrey’s key go-to people for innovative and futuristic thinking and is always on the cutting edge of new ideas and technologies.

You Will Learn:

  • Package, Position and design your product and services
  • Establishing Credibility in the market.
  • Enhance your knowledge of powerful business models that can simplify your life and grow your business
  • Advanced Automation for business efficiency.
  • Clarify what you are selling so your customers, and more importantly yourself know what you are offering.
  • Develop a clear marketing strategy with proven social media hacks
  • Get Clear on Your Unique Selling Points that will distinguish you in your market, and help you carve your niche.
  • Reach more by taking the right steps towards automation systems and lead funnels
  • Create killer headlines that attract the right clients for your business and generate more leads
  • How to Build Deep Rapport with your potential clients.
  • Identify whats working in your business and how you can focus on these for greater leverage
  • How to Uncover Your Client’s Deepest Values & Needs through a set of questioning techniques to determine if you are the right match for one another.
  • Selling High Ticket Services and products, and negotiating large contracts.
  • Selling and Negotiating in high pressure situations
  • To Design an Effective Sales Funnel and align it with your business model.
  • To Find Your Authentic Self in repeatable sales processes and procedure.
  • Work less and Earn more with a automated business strategy
  • Move from motivation to inspiration

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