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Jeffrey has an authentic way of connecting with individuals and genuinely relating to them as if they already are creative geniuses with huge potentials who will leave their own special mark on the world. In this way he catalyzes their ever greater awareness and sets a light their stored, but vast creativities. -”

Dr. John Demartini, Human Behavioural Specialist and Founder of the Demartini Institute.

“I can’t personally say enough good things about these guys, I think you should pay close attention to what they say-it’ll change your life!”

Frank Kern, Highest Paid Internet Marketer in the World.

“Jeff and Kane were just on my stage. They were fabulous-people loved them! You should have them on your stage, too. ”

T Harv Eker, Founder and President of Peak Potentials.

” If you are looking to really win in business from the inside out and be around great and inspiring people, partner with Jeff and Kane! ”

Bill Walsh, Venture Capitalist and Business Coach.

“If you are looking to transform your life and to live your dreams I highly recommend Jeff & Kane! They will give you methods and techniques to reinvent yourself and your business!”

Les Brown, World Leading Motivational Speaker.

“I tell everyone, these guys are my new ‘Secret Weapon!'”

Dr Brendan Wade, Best-selling Author & Psychologist for NBC’s Today Show and CNN.

“They breakdown and distil sales processes in unique points, they provide amazing benefits to entrepreneurs all around the world”

Kevin Nations, Expert in Selling High-Price Products.

“In 43 years of performing, speaking, selling from the platform and training others to do so, having trained 146+ of the top closers through-out the world on Platform Selling, and having personally mentored Jeff and Kane–they are two of the finest presenter/trainers and revenue producers in the industry today. They care deeply for their customers and have an excellent public image and reputation.'” I highly recommend them

Joel Bauer – World Leading Trainer



“The work Jeff and Kane do is ‘Classic’ if you can get an opportunity to work with them – pick it up fast! ”

Bob Proctor, Star of The Secret and Life Success Coach.



“Jeff and Kane are the nicest guys and will show you how you can turn your passions into money and maybe even a full time business…!!!”

Stuart D’Arcy, World Renowned Surfboard Shaper of D’Arcy Surfboards.


More Testimonials

Nadine Piatniski Personal Coach

“I’ve learnt so many things from attending their workshops. One of the key things is that I really manage to decide on my niche or my business, not only are these guys dynamic and exciting, the group’s fantastic – the people that you meet, but actually the content is really what has made the difference for me and my business.”

Winnie Business Owner

“Before the training I wasn’t very comfortable on stage, but now I can apply their successful system to my presenting and make even more money on stage!”

Renee &Yasmin Teenage Rockstars

“If you want to be successful in speaking and be on the world stages these guys are the go to guys”

Emily Gower Author

“This course will change your life and your speaking career forever”

Andy Fenton Business Consultant

“6 Speaking gigs booked during event”

Sharon Brown Consultant

“I just finished 5 days with the amazing Jeff and Kane at Rockstar Trainer. It was the most amazing training that I have ever been to in regards to speaking and truly connecting with people from the platform connecting from the heart. I’ve walked away from this to present a multi-speaker event in February, absolutely awesome, I’ll recommend it to anyone who wants to take up speaking as a profession”

Peter Foster Consultant

“It’s just simple strategies which I’m going to apply in my business and I’m so excited to get into it as soon as I get back. Thanks to Jeff and Kane you’ve just done a fantastic job of teaching trainers and everything we need to know to both present and to be at a sale.”

Loraine Rushden Yoga Instructor

“My intention at the beginning of the course was to get more training and speaking engagements. On day two of the course, I got a phone call asking me to speak to all of the schools from Australia, training among their freshmen development days. Wow! Thank you so much Jeff and Kane!”

Jason Stuart Consultant & Business Owner

I’ve just finished the Rockstar Training and what I have found is actually has allowed me to realise a confidence in myself to be able to take my knowledge and the information that I have and present it to the people and my people that I’m dedicated to. Everyone, this is worth it, you take the time, dedicate it and learn from it because these guys are like no one else and they will give you the information that you need. Thanks guys!”

P J James Celebrity Personal Trainer

“Leads international trainings & clients globally on weight & body transformation”

Samantha Krajina, Relationship Coach & Trainer

“Before I met Jeff and Kane I was an ambitious accountant stuck in my everyday job not really sure where I wanted to go but was happy with where I was. I attended the Mastermind Course and now you are looking at the co-founder of my own business in Love Coaching and Matchmaking, we are sky rocketing, we sold out our first seminar just over the weekends, so that’s a big thanks to Jeff and Kane. Thank you so much!”

Charles Nathan

“I’m so committed to this thing and working with Jeff and Kane that I travel all the way from Denver Colorado once per month to Sydney Australia to attend the Mastermind and you know actually the reason why it’s very simple, after communicating and socializing and networking with this people in the Mastermind, I have found such clarity to my business offering and my product mix that it’s been completely worth it.”

Junaid, Body redesign coach

“If you guys have an opportunity to work with these guys you definitely should do it, cause seriously take your life’s passion and try to monetize it and these guys will show you how to do it. Rock on!”

Debra Birks Professional Training & Coaching

“Doubled Her Rates!”

Alison Shreeve World Champion Wind Surfer

“I doubled my income at Coach’s Master Class”

Nancy Taylor Leadership Coach & Consultant

“Raised current client fees by 30%!”

Mike Business Owner

“2 days jam packed with amazing speakers, I highly recommend it”

Danni Marie

“I came with one idea and left with a ½ a dozen, Internet rockstar is the place to be!”

Stephanie Former Olympic Swimmer

“I recommend everyone to see them, they are mind blowing and give so much value”

Harry Business Owner

“I learnt incredibly strategic, practical and incredible ideas”

Derrick Business owner

“Learnt a lot and made at least 10 clients from networking at the event”

Anthony Business Owner

“Learnt a lot of strategies that I can apply to my own business”


“I came as a guest of a friend and didn’t know what to expect, it was amazing!”

Melina Schamroth Founder & CEO

“Jeff and Kane have gone above and beyond everything I’ve ever expected out of going to a course. I would highly recommend into anyone who has a small, medium or even large business to get on board with this guys, it really makes a difference and it has to be.”

Terri Internet Entrepreneur

“They showed me how to really get your message across and also monetize that message, since working with these guys I’ve been about to actually go out and talk just as effectively and make some money”

Emir & Samantha Relationships Coach’s

“After the event we were able to turn our expertise and passion into platform profits, which helped us reach more people”

Blair Hughes Life Coach

“I really recommend this training it really get’s you in action towards where you want to be moving”

Catherine Molenschot Profit Speaker

“Booked speaking Engagements”

Deb Cambell Consultant & Speaker

“Secured new Joint Ventures (JV’s)”

Gregoria Todaro Attorney

“2 speaking engagements booked!”

Susanne Cromme Celebrity Coach

“I’ve just finished the amazing 5 day trainer program, Rockstar Trainer Program with Jeff and Kane and besides from having heaps and other fun, we’ve also learned some really, really valuable techniques on how to build rapport with your audience, how to have fun onstage and how to be congruent and really effective with the techniques and the contents that you want to give to your audience. Overall it was an amazing experience, I can’t wait to do some other programs with them as well. So if you get the chance to work with them and if you want to take your speaking business and your speaking engagements to the next level and I really suggest you work with them because they are worth every penny.”

Sahar Kodahi Graduate of Rockstar Trainer

“Working with Jeff and Kane had really made a difference and helped me not only increase the visibility of the bright side of light and having more membership, but now I have big name speakers like Dr. John Gray, Linda Wade… and selling on my state so my income increased.”

Lydia Kelly, Consultant

“Before I came to this weekend, I had an idea about what do I want to train about, but I wasn’t so sure how to put it together and as a result of this, these 5 days that I’ve spent with Jeff and Kane, I have got a structure that I’ve just plugged my business into and now it’s ready to go out there. And I’ve even managed to score myself a gig. So thank you so much Jeff and Kane. I had the most awesome weekend. You guys rock!”

John Belami, Speaker & Consultant

“Before I met Jeff and Kane I was stuck in my way as a pure recruitment consultant. Although I own the business and it was great, it wasn’t until I attended the Rockstar Trainer event where I really ignited my passion for speaking. At the event I managed to book 5 speaking gigs and I’m now an international speaker. So thank you very much Jeff and Kane, you guys are truly awesome and I cannot wait to continue working with you.”

Janet McNally, Executive Coach

“It’s been a life-transforming experience for me. I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to take this course and spend time with the awesome Jeff and Kane but also get to meet amazing people.”

Grant Lee

“I’m expecting to conservatively double my revenue in the next 12 months. Thanks Jeff and Kane, I really appreciate your valuable information.”

Lissanthea Taylor, Physiotherapist

“In the 3 short weeks I’ve worked with Jeff and Kane so far, I’ve gained enormous clarity around how I can position myself as an Industry Rockstar. In that time I’ve gone from not knowing what I wanted to do with my specific skills and knowledge to looking at now being selected for the Physiotherapy position for the London Olympics. So my recommendation is follow these guys, get involved to what they do, and you will see amazing results within yourself and in your business.”

Shelly Barber, Business guide & Mentor

“I’m here with Jeff and Kane’s Mastermind Group and we are learning social media today. What I love about this is that they are linking us indirectly with the experts that they use in order to answer our questions directly, and it was really good step by step working us through in order to help fully understand and integrate the whole process of how to use social media in order to build our relationships with people and then also utilize that to help the in the best way in order to help grow out our own business and monetize that the most effective way. So thank you Jeff and Kane! This is fantastic, love it!”


“They are fabulous, they deliver what they say they’ll deliver”

Pauline Business Owner

“This weekend gave me more of a plan and direction”


“Their business model and how they encapsulate an audience and pitch a product to them is what I found incredibly interesting”


“I realized that I can have a presence on Facebook and make money”

Shane Business Owner

“Gained clarity on how to promote my business online”

Prosperity Experience Testimonials


“Jeffrey is very good at insinuating the spiritual word with the business world and I saw a bit of conflict there but now getting more clearly on how that works together and how each of them reinforces the other. What I’ve learned here is not to waste my time on non-essential things that does not forwarding my ultimate purpose and that’s really worth spending too late to figure out.”

Matt Barry

“Jeffrey he’s been really good on the pointers that he have given us and even meeting new people and new ways to combat things that I always had fears about.”

Ron Arthur

“Jeff clarifies things, helps you drill down to what you need to know. I’ve been unclear about my strict purpose, my mission, my vision, what Jeff has done is he had given me a sense of urgency and complete and at a clarity around what I am here for, what my message is and how I’m going to share it as a business to everybody else that needs to know this thing.”

Amaro Velho

“It’s absolutely awesome event, I’ve come here with quite a few challenges mainly to do with taking my business to the next level and I found some very interesting information, information that I believe will take me to the next level. If you’re skeptical about coming to this event and I suggest you be skeptical about your skepticism. So come on down, it’s a great event, I had an absolutely amazing time. Cheers!”

Emma Culver

“Over this weekend I’ve been able to get clear about what my mission is here in the world and how I can impact people and I’ve really had a breakthrough that it doesn’t matter how young or old or you know how young I am, that my information is raw to people who trust to who my age and you know you just say to get over that and get into action because there’s people out there that need to know what I know and you can never have impact when you just take this experiences and these learnings and put into action.”

Pam McDonald

“What have I got out of this program is that unless you get yourself right you will never get your business right. The exercises that we did on the first day achieved so much of a shift that I actually took so may notes at the end of the first day. I’ve recapped my business plan, have set myself up to generate leads and activity that I know is going to generate really really good outcomes all from day 1 then we got into day 2 and it was even better. Do yourself a favor, get along with this program. Jeff Slayter, he talks the talk and he delivers.”


“To be honest, I came to this weekend really quite set on the direction where we’re going, the result of the last couple days in the VIP particularly was really to redefine which direction we’re going which has just been terrific. It’s unsettling but it’s actually really good. So I encourage everyone to get involve and participate.”


“I’m feeling a lot more confident and a lot more motivated, I have a lot more insight into where I’m coming from as a person, and where I’m headed. Jeffrey taught me to believe in myself and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, and hopefully one day bring up a whole business working for myself and loving what I’m doing. Thank you.”


“Jeff is really people-centred and he draw out a lot of little gestures that tell of personality, and that’s what I’m fascinated a lot and kept me sitting there and what’s next going on, so you must come! Mustn’t miss, whatever it takes, you have to come and check it yourself and make that decision to learn a lot of unknown, untapped potential that is within you that will inspire you to be a greater you. Thank you.”


“The first time I came I had no expectations and I left with incredible clarity of purpose, actually discovered more about who I was and what my life mission was on that event than any other event I’ve ever been to. I’m coming again for the second time and having the full 2-day experience to just really solidify that purpose within me.”


Greg Atkins

Jenny Sy


The Prosperity Experience Testimonial of Ben from Adelaide The Prosperity Experience Video Testimonial Play Button



“This course is not only business-focused but it’s focused on your mind and your all outlook on life your families’ influence on the life that you’ve had and it’s just amazing to reflect back on the things that you’ve done and what you need to do in the future to achieve the things that you want and get where you want to go because it’s very possible. So I’d definitely recommend coming to see the Prosperity Experience. Jeff is amazing and you would be missing out if you weren’t here.”

The Prosperity Experience Testimonial of Deborah from AdelaideThe Prosperity Experience Video Testimonial Play Button

Deborah Lane

“In regards to looking into possibilities of expanding my mind as far as business opportunities going, what I got is much much more. I can’t believe what the information is given us already. We’re into our second day now and I’m just loving it!”

The Prosperity Experience Testimonial of Sishani from MelbourneThe Prosperity Experience Video Testimonial Play Button

Seshan Nissanka

“if you guys ever have questions about your purpose and where you want to be, your mission in life, definitely attend Jeffrey Slayter’s because it gave me a clarity of where I need to be and what needs to be done, because I believe we all have a purpose her in life. So definitely take the chance, make a commitment and just attend this event, just have no expectation. I think that’s the best way to attend it and see if this is something for you. So I’m definitely grateful and blessed to have attended this. Thank you so much”

The Prosperity Experience Testimonial of Leo from MelbourneThe Prosperity Experience Video Testimonial Play Button


“Although I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do, this experience has helped me to crystallize that vision of what I want do and the action steps I need to take in order for it to manifest in my material world. Thank you very much!”

The Prosperity Experience Testimonial of Bella from MelbourneThe Prosperity Experience Video Testimonial Play Button


“I’ve just done the weekend with Jeffrey Slayter and from the depths of my heart, it’s literally been absolutely transformational. When Jeffrey drops into his heart space, he’s able to contain the whole room and connect with people on a level that actually draws out their passion and their true purpose, and for me personally, he’s given me permission to stand up and hold and be responsible for my power, my mission in the world to meet like-minded people like him who are making a difference who are passionate about compassion for other human beings, for animals and for the earth. It’s so inspiring and I’m looking forward to working with him in the future it’s been such a blessing, I’m so grateful. Thank You.”

Heart of Living Testimonials

Tegan Petterwood

Jeffrey’s Heart of Living was life changing. I am so motivated to be the best version of myself and have clarity in what I am after. Thank you for the reminder to follow my heart.”

Terence Darragh

An amazing transformative journey. What really sets this apart is Jeff’s passionate commitment that our inner work is then taken out into the world and so contribute to global change.”

Jemima Lambell

The Heart of Living came at a perfect time for me, a time when I needed to stop the world, take time to truly focus on myself and seek clarity for my life. Spending time learning and growing in such a fun, supportive environment has inspired me to recognise the next steps needed to live the life of my dreams by following my heart.”

Baz Youssef, Speaker, Coach and Conscious DJ

Intensely powerful, real, confrontational & transformational especially if you permit yourself to surrender to the experience.”

Reika Sroyphet

Thank you Jeffrey & all the team. So grateful, I will honour this experience by living from my heart & trusting in my own experience. I’ve received so much from the experience thank you for empowering me to trust in my own experience & stay true to my heart.”

Melanie Wingate, Pacific Health/Naturopath

This course will truly transform you in such an amazing way. Jeff is able to deliver the experience in a safe and loving space, this allows you to fully blossom and let go! Thank you Jeff!!”

Jan Brooker, Herbalist & Homoeopath

Jeffrey is a wisdom keeper, a truly inspiring facilitator with an enormous wealth of wisdom to share & what I most love is that he comes from a beautifully generous & compassionate Heart Space.”

Ed Lower

Jeff’s courses are so ahead of everything else can offer in this market and have really helped me think outside the box, outside what I’ve been told and what I’ve told myself.”

Catterina Tilby

Jeff is willing to go the extra mile to deliver his truth and bring humanity back together.”

Sharon Wilson

I would totally recommend resitting The Heart of Living, this result for me was an amazingly transformative event that was initiated in the first one. I have realigned galaxies this time whoo hoo!!!”

Sheryl Harvey

Jeff you are truly an inspiration to everyone who has the good fortune to be in and around your beautiful energy – never change – you would make any parent proud to call you son.”

Adam Kangas

Science of you and Jeff opened myself to a different experience of the world and that we are really connected to others in a way we really can’t explain.”

Leigh Eggins

Thanks to Jeff and his team for facilitating a life changing experience – Science of You. Business growth techniques which rock in a fun environment.”

Deanna Kangas

Jeff is an amazing coach, mentor and friend to everyone of his events. If you are looking for ‘real’ training, then you have to work with Jeff.”

Ainslie Bryce-Northey

I encourage anyone and everyone to do one or all of Jeff’s seminars/workshops. It does change you mentally and emotionally. I look forward to doing more work with Jeffrey in the near future.”

The Amazon Coach Fiona Maloney

If you are serious about transforming your life, drop everything you are doing and seek out Jeff. It is an action you will never regret. All things are possible.”

John Callanan

Jeffrey is a masterful speaker, teacher and coach because he has and is connected to the great unknowing mystery sometimes referred to as conciousness, all that is the universe of the quantum field.”

Angelo Falco

If this experience does not touch you in any way even just a little your dead. This has transformed 10-fold. Thank you.”

Paul Cummins

Simple awesome!!! Very different event from the moment you arrived. You will be challenged and a different person by the end.”


My intention of being here was to hear indisputable mind blowing stuff. You delivered!

My poor mind is still spinning, I love it. Thank you xx”

Gail Rogerson

Every moment was a connection with a person or lesson for self. They showed up when expected; when not. In silence and noise. The gift of this course was to gain the knowledge of being and self.”

Founder of the Following Your Passion Philipp Henseler

Keep pushing that life changing wave through the bay to bring more smile to the face of human faces.”

Kim Edwards

Thanks Jeff, you have helped me to clarify my inspired mission and five me a driver for delivering my business to make the money to pursue my mission.”

Megan Wright

It’s a beautiful experience to let go of thinking you know everything while simultaneously coming to understand that you do have all the answers you need, waiting for you to remember them with your heart. The Science of You is a portal back to that remembrance.”

Khadine Aharon

Jeffrey Slayter’s Science of You is a must for anyone wanting to reconnect with their core self and embrace the perfection they are.”

Michaela Kupkacova

Jeffrey’s gift to me and humanity is like no other I have ever received or experienced. I wish I met him sooner. I look forward to the future with my transformed self.”

Vicki Abraham

Science of You is unexpectedly life shattering – that is, life as you knew it is shattered to form a more beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and new patterns you can’t imagine until it appears.”

Ruth Fenby

Thank you for an event like no other, very heart opening, beautiful to experience this with so many other beautiful souls.”

Martha Arifin

Transformational “nothing like this out there” experience of my lifetime. Exceptional deep connections with others, I have discovered more about the world and myself in this event. Thank you Jeffrey and the team.”

Colin Wanless

Jeffrey continues to amaze me at his depth of understanding of Humanity and the individual which is grounded in the real world. Do not allow this opportunity to pass you by, you may change your life and you get to hang out with amazing, conscious and grounded people.”

Richard Peard

Jeffrey is a modern wizard, an urban shaman who walks between the business and spiritual worlds successfully. It is empowering to work with him; he has helped me to change my life for the better.”

Andy Hooper

Jeffrey Slayer’s Science of You is something special! I welcome you to ride the wave in the awakening of ourselves.”

Syd Harvey

I think Jeffrey is a very sincere and passionate man. He respects the people around him and holds the group with interest in what he says & does. I wish him all the best with respect.”

Andrew Hooper

A game changing experiential event where you will unfold to who you truly are. Go humans! Go plants!”

Susan McLachlan, Advanced Awareness

Heart of Living is a unique experience that really assists in the waking up process helping to understand your true nature & what’s really happening here on our beautiful planet.”

Trish Barram-Flynn

Jeffrey Slayter and his team created the space to suspend judgements about what I believed was possible for myself, for others and humanity. Space to play, explore and express myself and connect to my heart and the hearts of others and get real.”

Matt Kent

Jeff and the team have opened my eyes to seeing life in a greater capacity. Looking forward to the next step. Thank you!”

Teddy Von Sivers, Trash Vintage Byron bay

Connecting all the dots that you’ve ever spoken or wondered about. Assisting, reconnecting you to yourself, which gives you joy & peace. Would absolutely recommend. Live the life you desire.”

Dion Taylor, Food for Fork

The Heart of Living opens your mind, body & spirit to all things possible. This session should be on your bucket list if you have a gift to share with the world and are just needing to take that next step.”

Helen Moshi, Registered Nurse

Jeffrey has assisted me in continuing my journey started in Heart of Sales, to find myself again to own myself, my beliefs and to love myself unconditionally without judgement, criticism and guilt. Thank you for bringing me on this journey.”


Grounding, Opening, Enlightening, Mind Expanding, Joyful. Highly recommended.”


Such an amazing authentic experience shared by Jeffrey.”

Mauricio Mayorga

The biggest impact that I take home is the ability to have a clear mission in life and knowing how to merge it with your business it will allow to create the life that you design.”

Mario Pirotta

If you are stuck in the space of logic and find that you have tried all sorts of techniques with no evident results. Then get on to Jeff Program (Science of You) and connect with a different you!!”

Lynley Traeger

This event re-awakened my self belief reasssuring that there are aspects of me that are great and there is room for improvement but I have a stronger vision. the other participants were very warm and supportive and there was lots of fun.”

Rob Whyte

If your in business and wanting to take your business to a deeper level, Jeff’s trainings provide connection to a deeper purpose in what we do and why we do it. If you question what and why you’re doing what you do, you must attend a Jeff Slayter training.”

Ming Chan

A truly transforming and experiential course. For a 4 day event you will definitely get your value from this course.”

Kia Dowell

The Science of You is and amazing and empowering opportunity to really explore and discover just how important your relationship with yourself is if you intend on changing or positively contributing to the world and others through your mission and work.. Thank you.”

Mandi Chimutengwende

Thank you to Jeff and team for reminding me never to be afraid of my own potential to be love for myself and others. I always had it, I just forgot to breather and live. Bring it on. x”

Frederick Krasey

I have waited a long time to find something to align to and with that’s vision and purpose is beyond ego and supporting of self but is for the betterment of all. I have found your environment such a place. Thank you Jeffrey Slayter.”

Leanne Turner

This is truly a life changing seminar to look at who I really am and doing to bring to the fore what I am so passionate about and what my mission in life is to do. That you Jeff you are an inspirational to all.”

Raj Vastrad

Jeff’s style and contest is inspiring enthusing to transcend from ideas to actions and transformations.”

Norma Needham

Jefferey is very passionate person, it oozes out of his body, a very learned person. He is a true blue leader with many skills most of all, we have fun.”

Ming Chan

Jeffrey’s insight into what is required for transformation is second to none. He brings caring and an attitude of humility to a subject that can be scary and confronting. Awesome work Jeffrey. I look forward to working with you in the future.

I have attended this transformative journey previously and it is better each time. Finding the words is hard because I travelled so far in the 4 days. Perhaps I can say that I progressed and transcended at least a millennium of experiences during the time I was here. It was successful to share this with my fellow tribe members.”

Thomas Alkmim

Jeffrey masters the art of communication and human relationships. He guided me all the way to my true choices.”

Marko Petrovic

If you want to experience life attend this program. If you want to understand it currently, don’t. This is a much needed program that stretches the boundary of life and what’s possible. It is the only one of its kind!”

Dan Norton

I came with no expectations knowing that I would get exactly what I needed. I believe I got exactly what I needed and what was best for me at this point in time. The course was dynamic and insightful in ways I would not have predicted.”

Paras Paradise Yazdani

The ripple effect of what has happened here and what will be created has changed the world on a scale beyond measure.”

Melissa Dang

Jeffrey Slayter’s The Science of You course pushes boundaries. It enables you to truly connect with your inner self in a profound way. I encourage everybody to do it. The transformation within me is empowering.”

Belinda Taylor

I cried. I laughed. I experientially discovered what love and trust in self really is and feels like there is no greater blessing than to fall more in love with me and life. Thank you.”

James Kemp

I bought myself a ticket to Jeffrey’s Science of You over 6 months ago and held it as a treat, knowing it would be epic, like nurturing rocket fuel. I wasn’t disappointed – it was far, far greater heart expanding and fuelling and fun and spacious too.”

Andre Kadamani

At the Science of You I received the most important and powerful tool I ever could for moving my life forward. Thank you Jeffrey for a truly transformative four days!”

Adam Oldmeadow

The sun is shining. Earth is ready. Humanity needs you. What do you choose?”

Heart of Sales and Business Testimonials

Jimmy Elias, First Press Coffee

This has clarified so much for me around human dynamics and how we can best communicate to ensure we can bring our gifts to the world and have our customers inspired to buy our products. The best seminar I have attended and looking forward to many more with Jeffrey.”

Hilary Turner

Awesome training. Selling to raise the consciousness of the planet. That’s why I came.”

Alex Impey

This was an experience that is well worth the investment, especially if you are looking to improve our world through bridging the spirit world and business world. Thanks Jeff. I look forward to further working with you. Bless.”

Jayne Martin

Jeff has an infinity of knowledge and wisdom in both the business/corporate world and the spiritual world and his passion to bridge these worlds is contagious.”

Jessica Bezerra

As a start-up business, Jeffrey’s sales course provided invaluable step-by-step advice to generate leads and close sales to generate value. The practical advice I received was priceless and I recommend the course to any business for tools to increase income. Thank you!”


Jeff’s trainings are such a unique and incredible experience. He goes above and beyond to deliver an event that not only delivers what he promises but so much more. Thank you Jeff, from the bottom of my heart, you have given me hope and faith that I can take my business to the next level!! I am forever grateful.”

Gareth Huynh, Founder of Axiom Global Management & Business Consultant

Jeff Slayter’s Heart of Sales course was empowering and takes you to the depth of your soul to uncover your gift to the world. The training was a safe space to explore, grow, learn and collaborate. I gained so much knowledge which I will be putting into action. Thank you Jeff Slayter & the team for living with integrity & delivering an amazing & transformative event.”

Kim Jewell

I attended the Heart of Sales event and was amazed at the amount of knowledge & fun I gained in the last four days. I feel totally confident in applying everything I learned during the course & the value exceeded what I paid! Thank you!”

Mark Breadner, Director of YogaCoach & the Global Yoga Teacher Challenge

Jeffrey is accomplished across all areas of business packaging, positioning & sales. I believe though that his sales skills are his superpower.”

Belinda Gatt

Thank you Jeffrey! Your kind, genuine heart shows through in all that you do. This course has given me confidence in selling but more importantly, it has given me confidence and belief in myself. A truly unique course!”

Nathalie Vera

Jeffrey have the capacity not only to train people into sales and business but also into sharing a better vision for our world.”

Sarah Schaefer

Working with Jeff has truly inspired me to follow my passion and help others to do so.”

Catterina Tilby

Jeffrey’s Heart of Sales course is a refreshing, daring and new spin on selling – I have never experienced such a wide spectrum of tools and techniques, simultaneously woven with humour, authenticity and heart.”

Jarrod Conroy

This has by far been the most powerful four day transformation phase I have ever been through in my life, I’ve never felt so connected to my human family and am truly grateful for the experience.”

Xiela Dacyon

Work with Jeff every chance you have. There’s nothing like his courses. It is a different experience. Thank you, Jeff.”

Rory King

The course was amazing, it kept me engaged the entire time even though it was sales and really confronted me, pushing me well outside of my comfort zone. I feel way more competent in sales, negotiation and how to sell /package myself. Thanks Jeff!”

Colleen Cheketri

Jeff is the master guru of sales, marketing & business expansion! With the bonus of having a beautiful big heart.”

Liz Buchanan

Attending Jeff’s Sales course has given me the knowledge and confidence to be an effective seller to be able to grow my business. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants the complete business experience.”

Amy Wang

Hi Jeffrey, this is my first sales training course that I attended after 2 years working in finance industry. And I never expect that the training can be so interesting and fun. The most important, thanks for giving us a chance to explore ourselves and have a new start.”

Marko Petrovic

This is no coaching seminar. It’s a mind-blowing experience The way Jeffrey works allowed me to integrate seamlessly, and the learnings from the program. Awesome!!”

Andre Kadamani

Jeff’s Heart of Sales course opened me up to a world of skills, toolsets and insights into the world of sales I had no idea about! I feel more prepared than ever to share my gifts with the world.”


Jeffrey’s style of teaching in my opinion is quite unique. This course kept me captivated for the entire 3 days. Sharing with like-minded people to make an impact on our world is what it’s all about!”

Paula Scott

Thank you Jeffrey. I can’t wait to get home and share what I learned.”

Paradise Paras Yazdani

Almost speechless having been on so many seminars I had never imagined this would be possible – definitely the best seminar / healing course I have ever been on. So much gratitude. Namaste.”

Belinda Taylor (Bella)

This event is incredibly transformational on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Jeffrey has transformed this world through embodying his truth.”

Colin Wanless

This course will truly transform the stigma people feel about selling and allow you to embrace this gift and share it with the world.”

Verity Leach

Great event! Jeff’s combination of entertainment, education, humor chillout time, encouragement, toughness etc was the perfect combination for the beginning of a powerful transformation.”

Ruth Fenby

I would like to thank Jeffrey for an extraordinary event that incorporated so many amazing insights and learnings to help you in all areas of your life. Beautiful to have spirituality incorporated with the vision for creating a beautiful new world.”

Marija Herceg

Jeff thank you for helping in remembering our greatness, our humanness, our freedom. It’s energizing, I feel powerful in actualizing my impact on the world.”

Luke Oldmeadow

If you want to have success in sales, this course is it. Nothing else comes close in terms of what I have experienced so far I learned more in these 3 days than anything else I’ve experienced about sales.”

Niamh Cronin

This is not just a selling course, this is a life changing course, an awakening and an opportunity to remember who you really are. You will leave this course felling empowered, inspired & equipped with the knowledge to take your vision / business into the worked and to the next level. It will challenge you, push you, and may even test you and will take you way outside your comfort zone but it will honestly be the best decision you will ever make :)”

Thomas Hoyer

Jeff is awesome, a highly evolved being that can help you remember who you are. Catch him before it’s too late, he won’t stick around much longer. You are reading this because you are soon at the end of the ride in this theme park.”

Andrew Ballantyne

I have always been in sales and converted quite well but after going through this format and tactics with heart it has made me realise how much money I have left on the table and how much deeper I could go with connection.”

Kia Dowell

The heart of selling is a transformation in how sales can be done but more importantly how we can use the techniques learnt to impact more people in more places quicker. Thank you!”

Deborah White

Jeffrey tells it like it is, no nonsense delivery is refreshing. He showed everyone the positive side to sales and that it’s not as scary as many think it is. He gave us a different perspective along with a treasure chest of tools to use going forward. Thank You :)”

Ming Chan

I consider myself a strong sales person and negotiator however Jeffrey Slayter successfully managed to introduce new techniques and turn traditional ales courses on it’s head.”

Tammy Willenberg
Founder and Director North Five Consulting

This course was really great for challenging me and my thinking about sales and relationship-based sakes. I learned to use my heart more to find questions and answers that were appropriate and created a great fun experience of the sales and negotiation process.”


This was a fantastic event o learn, integrate and practice selling with integrity and purpose. It was a great training filled with deal life application that incorporated looking at the bigger picture.”

Miroslav Petrovic

I love you as much as I love dolphins. Thank you for being yourself Jeffrey.”

Thomas Alkmim

It is very good to see trainings for a better world.”

Alice Hummingbird

For a sales course, I didn’t expect such an incredible, transformational and magical experience. It worked on all levels and for the business world, what a gift! Truly a gift to the world. Thank you.”

Belinda Taylor

Thank-you for a sales and business course fo the soul. I learnt invaulable life skills, whilst simultaneously growing as a person tenfold and consolidating my purpose and passion in life.”

Adam Oldmeadow

Finally! A way in which I can sell to people who’d love my services without having to push energy or claim ridiculous results.”

Paras Yazdani

Jeffrey’s seminars are a bridge between clear training to tangibly improve your business and a space to shift internally to be able to implement the learnings in life and business. He busts open your heart and you’ll never be the same.”

Lynda Petterwood

I am very good at what I do and I needed a vehicle to help me help more people. Jeff’s ‘Heart of Sales and Business’ course has enabled me to do just that. I can now sell – and with heart. Thank you.”

Colin Wanless

This was my second time, and it pushed my buttons through lots of emotions. Content and learning became even deeper for me and I got lots of useful tips and tricks with solid systems which you can implement straight away.”


I had never heard of Jeffrey Slayter, I was asked to attend his course from my workplace. I was the biggest sceptic about other/previous lives, spirituality, energy, meditation etc but it’s only if you truly go in with an open heart that you will see results. Jeffrey has inspired me to become who I am. Thank you.”

Campbell Butterss

Jeffrey is next level when it comes to woo woo and business to have an impact. If you want to be inspired and change your life, give him a chance – and I’m sure he’ll refund your misery.”

Prue Morrison

Jeffrey Slayter is a craftsman. He is the bridge, connecting people to the greater ideals. He is leading the new wave of entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders to help support a more sustainable existence.”

Janice Hoad

The Heart of Selling course is a sales course with a difference. It goes way beyond sales techniques and delves into the deepest recesses of our fears, barriers and limiting beliefs to liberate us into our greatness. It’s very special.”

Kevin Owens

Loved the holistic overview of the sales process. Difficult not to see that personal development impacts the way other people interact with us.”

Tammy Lee Mansfield

To learn skills and train in an environment full of love, inspiration and transformation is priceless – continuously restores my hope for humanity.”

Noah Hunter Dorsey

Jeffrey’s course made me remember that I can, as an entrepreneur create and sustain financial abundance to support my desired lifestyle.”

Marko Petrovic

After attending a second time it was a gift to see that Jeffrey is constantly pushing the fold in content and his love!”

Alexandria Harvey

Jeffrey’s training is truly transformational. It is a new level of training – acknowledging the whole self to allow for real change.”

Kerrie Mercel

If you want to take your business to the next level, do a sales and business course with Jeffrey. If you want to change the way you love, give and inspire, don’t wait another minute and sign up for any of Jeffrey’s courses.”

Katja Morsky

Jeffrey keeps surprising me and pushing my limits. This helps me to move another step closer to becoming the best version of myself. I highly recommend his course. It is priceless.”

Miroslav Petrovic

If you have come this far down the testimonials page to see if this course is for you. It is.”

Colin Robertson

At last there is a person that is living his life his way.”

Jessica O’Meara

If you ever want to learn how to sell from a place of true heart, integrity and compassion, make a huge difference to your life and others by doing this course. Don’t hesitate.”

Matthew Kent

Thanks Jeffrey for allowing a place for me to release from having to be a strong male and letting me feel more.”

Micheal Boston

Jeff has a fantastic way of helping you share your gift to more people in the world by providing effective heart-driven sales techniques.”

Corey Smith

Thank you for the experience. You helped highlight limiting beliefs and provided incredible insight into the sales world.”

Tully Robertson

Jeffrey’s Heart of Sales & Business training helped me get clear on the value I deliver & drastically improved my ability to create sales.”

Nuray Ozden

Not an ordinary sales & business course. If you would like to boost your sales overnight connect with Jeffrey. It is amazing, authentic & teaches with his heart. I would say the best leader/teacher in this field.”

Adrian Anteros

I LOVE JEFF. Supersedes any expectations, feel a torrent of gratitude soooo inspired. Thank you. Gracias Brother!”

Izabella Anteros

Thank you Jeffrey for your infinite gifts of contribution and presence in your events. You’re a stand for powerful communication and results. After 25 years of the personal arena, I feel more empowered to make dramatic change in my life from the heart. Thank you.”

Michael Higgins

Amazing coach who showed us the way to self enhancement. Thank you for helping me find my inner gifts. The biggest gift of all was this course. Much love.”

Sheryl Harvey

Jeffrey has you are an amazing trainer and world bridger – it is truly an honour to be in your presence and energy.”

Maureen Hamilton

I have just attended the Heart of Sales with Jeffrey Slayter and since we use sales in every aspect in our lives even in family situation, I would strongly recommend this course to everyone.”

Helen Moshi

Jeffrey has started me on a journey to own all the experiences and skills I have learnt in my life, to be proud of them and not be afraid to share them with others.”

Terezka Beck

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Jeff’s Heart of Sales course. As an artist I came in with no knowledge of how to sell my works or even how to get the confidence to charge what would like and deserve. I came away with the ability to value my worth and most importantly the ability to be able to charge what I want and know I can get it. I can’t thank him enough.”

Lyn Wu

Thanks Jeff. Great deliverer. I really feel I have got the value of my money back from the course.”

Diego Ceasius Kakius

I am just feeling we are reconnecting into a different higher level. Hope and looking forward to deeper thrive together again.
Good vibes & hugs Bro.”

Tayler Figgins

Yay! A sales course that has heart and techniques. This felt so right because it considered both business and spirituality.”

Glenn Wiley

Jeff’s course is for those starting out or those who need refreshing in all aspects of life & sales.”

Lynda Petterwood

As expected Jeffrey delivered a top quality training that incorporated learning, demonstrations and practical components masterfully. I feel totally confident that I will be helping make the world a more peaceful place due to my ability to sell my message & skills. Thank you.”

Cynthia Sulc

I had an awesome time and loved the way you trained, Jeffrey. Thank you for your authenticity and the crew has been awesome too.”

Trish Barram-Flynn

If you want to experience a refreshing fun way to learn about selling from your heart and creating a sustainable business brand Jeffrey Slayter is a true master.”

Sue McLachlan

These events are a must for anyone who wants to move forward in business particularly if they are heart-based and spiritually oriented. I cannot give enough acknowledgement praise for my experience.”

David ter Hedde

Jeff thank you once again. You are remarkable! Keep learning… keep going… keep having fun… keep changing lives ☺ Best wishes, gratitude & LOVE.”

Wallace Juní

The life is a journey. A journey to discover who we are. This course shows us what probably is hidden in our subconscious and turn something to our benefit. Give me more light and direction to my journey in this life. Thank you Brother.”

Ross Grida

Jeffrey’s sales training is very forthright and straight to the point. He’s very quick on his feet and his knowledge is valuable for anyone involved in the sales world. The outcome can be life changing if your willing to embrace it.”

Pam Macdonald

Jeffrey you rock. What a wonderful approach to sales that respects both parties and covers process and the people.”

Bryon Ruiz

Jeffrey collaborates his love for humanity with the fear behind selling to deliver a 3-day transformational program.”

Malindi Lovegrove

Jeffrey’s courses have shown me how to get over my money issues and take action to change the world.”

Angela Alcantara

Saved me so much time and effort. All this time I’ve been investing in my business where really I should of invested in myself. I have learnt so much in the last 3 days, knowledge and experience hat I would spend my life searching for.”

Rebecca Prewett

Jeff’s ability to catalyse people in both business and personal realms is an extraordinary gift to humanity. We are very blessed to have him transferring his life experience.”

Lisa Camille Robinson

Thank you Jeffrey for this incredible course. I can really see how useful this information could be if chosen to be applied. Interaction with Jeffrey Slayter will raise your vibration. He is a phenomenal trainer and privilege of learning from him will expand your mind, speed your evolution and open possibility.”

Michael Gray

The art of selling has given me some great new skills and the confidence to use them in all areas of my life – not just selling. Thank you Jeffrey.”

Tracey-Leigh Davey

Thank you for helping me remember how amazing I actually am and what I can do. I already am and it is already done.”

Fenelene Reyes

I’m very happy that I have done this course and now I am ready to sell. ”

Rob Thompson

Educational, informative, inspiring and motivational. Really great seminar. Thank you.”

Vicki Abraham

If you’re ever wondering if this is a worthwhile course then it’s right for you. If you want to ‘get permission’ to do what you know is inside of you waiting to pop out, sign up! My experience of the course has been all positive – overwhelmingly so!”

Michael Percy

Do not miss your opportunity! Jeff is an incredible communicator and raining – he will make you see yourself and your world in an entirely new way. Opening your eyes to your potential and a realization of how amazing you are!”

Craig Teede

Jeffrey is very organised with his thoughts and message and is able to communicate that to individuals in such a way that makes the lessons relevant. I THANK-YOU for the weekend. ”

Ed Lower

Jeffrey’s ‘Heart of sales’ course is such an amazing outlook on how to sell. Something I never considered as what sales actually was and how I could use it to help people and make a difference.”


Challenging, motivating and inspiring a great reminder of what I should be doing with my life and how I can make it happen.”

Phillip McGuigan, Shaw Horizons

Love this guy. You come away feeling happy to get on with life not just business but LIFE. Love it!”

Kelvin Mansfield

Fantastic three days. Craig and I invested in bringing three of our sales staff to Byron Bay from Perth to this course. I was a little skeptical that they would see the benefit. However my skepticism as unfounded and both the sales staff, and Craig and myself will receive returns from our investment many times over in both reinforcing what we already do and improving and adding to hat we don’t do.”

Judy Shaw

Well worth the trip from Perth. I love your work. I was so close to throwing away over 30 years of business/career. You came along just at the right time! Thanks!!”

Adam Oldmeadow

This went far beyond Sales. I have a way for who I am to expand the world.”

Joanne Van Ravenswaaij

Fantastic to have a sales course that covers both practical tips as well as spiritually focusses techniques.”

Ariel Wee

Transformation has to be experienced. It can’t be described. Thank-you Jeffrey, for creating this opportunity for us to shift. It has been a fabulous honeyoon here in Byron Bay learning for Jeffrey and team.”

Matteo Morras

It was the crucial point making me understand how important it is the relationship I that I have with myself in all sectors of life, business and sales included. It was a good challenge and a great experience.”

Jemima Lambell

Thanks for helping me recognise the areas that need clarity to ensure my business and life design are truly successful.”

Marz Hill

Transformation should be easy, quick, accessible and dynamic. Jeffrey’s Heart of Sales and Business is just that. Jeffrey has a unique ability to blend business, sales and infinite consciousness. I changed my life, my business, my sales and me in 4-days.”

Wayde Robertson,

Brilliant work. Watch my sales climb through the roof!.”


I love coming to Jeffrey’s training as I always leave feeling empowered and I am clear on what to do next. It is a privilege to be working with Jeffrey.”

Desi D’Angelo

The Heart of Sales and Business event is amazing. Jeffrey has put together a fantastic experience. I have learnt a lot about myself and have taken some very invaluable lessons from this course that will vastly improve my selling. Thank you.”

Jana Klintoukh

Although I have done numerous sales trainings before, this one really allowed me to merge heart connection and sales. It was such a beautiful process that works well in my world. Thank you so much Jeffrey and team!”

Josephine Harvey

Doing Jeffrey’s Heart of Sales and Business taught me essential components of selling that I had no idea were even essential or particularly relevant. A phenomenal balance of hardcore helpful business and the transformation required for selling something you truly believe in.”

Phillip McGuigan

Thank-you Jeffrey. Your course has changed our lives man – you rock. Keep it up man, we love it all. You and Michelle are good people. I love that. So nice to know people like yourselves. We need more.”

Judy Shaw

Once again, thanks for being you! You kept us in business and delivering our message. Thanks again to you and the entire team from the middle of my heart.”

Kerryn Kuchel

If you are serious about taking your life and business further, I totally recommend working with Jeffrey! His unique blend of corporate experience and heart-based spirituality is brilliant – empowering, inspiring, transformational.”

Melissa Hughes

The Heart of Sales and Business exceeded any expectations I had of the depth of transformation I would experience. I feel empowered, clear and excited about the possibilities coming my way. Thank you Jeffrey from the depths of my being.”

Anastasia Balueva

The Heart of Sales event was a blast! I have had a great time personally. There was a lot for me to learn as I have an engineering background but this just proves the course is for everyone who wants to sell from the heart, whatever it is you are selling.”

Peter Bowden

Thanks Jeffrey – really appreciate the whole experience. I am taking a lot away to process and integrate these techniques. I fully appreciate all that you have offered and I really do not have the words to say about the full value of this.”

Holley Somerville-Knott

I am 11 years old and already even I can see what an inspiration Jeffrey is. I recommend him to all!”

Khadine Aharon

The Heart of Sales and Business was more than a sales course. It was an adventure. An adventure which will enable me to share my gifts with more people that I’ve ever imagined from a space of integrity at my deepest core.”

Carol Knott

This was a fantastic experience and a very interesting way to learn about sales! Empowering and very inspiring.”

Jodie Hopkins

To sell well, you need more than just a system and a process to follow. To really impact your world and the world around you – you need to sell from your heart and soul and with love. Jeffrey’s course has nailed that.”

Marlies Loescher

Jeffrey combines business skill learning with learning to truly be yourself which is one of the hardest lessons. If you master yourself it will benefit not only your business but every part of your life. Jeffrey is perfect to guide you there – I can recommend his courses to every single person. The best investment I have made!”

Chris Leslie

What you do Jeffrey is truly out of this world. Glad our organic time lines met again.”

Coaches and Consultants Training Program Testimonials

Lynda Petterwood

Jeffrey Slayter’s Coaches and Consultants course paired with the Heart of Sales and Business course have lead to massive growth in my business. I am now serving more people, impacting more lives in an empowering way and made heaps more money. Thanks Jeffrey.”

Miroslav Petrovic

Thank you so much for sharing yourself to all that you have learnt. You have armed me with all the practical tools and confidence I need to encounter any coaching obstacles I come across.”

Pam MacDonald

Thanks to you sharing your tips, tools and own experiences. I found myself more willing to push my own boundaries and have now helped clients to much better and bigger outcomes than I ever could before.”

Amy Radunz

The program has enabled me to jump into my fears, so that I can bring my all to the clients I will be supporting. I have seen actual results from speaking opportunities to gaining clients.”

Kathleen Casagrande

What’s important is to keep learning no matter what age we are so we can pass to our next generations the humane potential of kindness and Jeffrey is able to communicate this from his heart because he has the awareness and knows how to teach it.”

Tammy Willenberg

Jeff has an incredible way of getting to the heartfelt experiences quickly. Observing his demonstration and how he has chosen to enhance and go beyond the words of the page. I love how he holds the intention for me to know and uncover the answers myself rather than relying on the so called “knowledge” ie. to trust my own intuition I learned so much about myself and my capability.”

Thomas Hoyer

If you are curious about REAL transformational coaching and shifting your world and the world go on a journey with Jeff.
Jeff has gone through a lot and while he can’t do the work for you, he can share his path and point you in the direction of abundance and enlightenment.”

Marko Petrovic

Hands down the best process of personal growth and building a business around your personal explanations/discoveries.”

Free Humanity Event Testimonials

Susan Ashby

Guided by the heart space of an enlightened soul. This 2 day event was enriching and empowering.”

Malindi Lovegrove

Jeffrey Slayter’s experience and knowledge has helped me to transform my life in a very short space of time. After meeting him I went out, got investment and started a business which is going very well.”

Julie Lake

Thank you for an amazing experience, I will continue to process my learnings and grow from it.”

Zenaida Salem

A guy that is true to himself, he has the talent to get through to everyone no matter what level they are coming from. Extraordinary courses, that can be applied on everyone’s day to day lives/businesses. I’m truly grateful for the experience. Jeff, I love you, and keep up the great work. We need more of you in this world.”

Glenn Bransgrove

I had an amazing experience with Jeffrey. He captivated the audience and made some permanent positive changes to me personally and to many in the room.”

Stephanie Rondos

Jeffrey is truly an amazing individual with the power to inspire and change the world. After all his seminars I left feeling refreshed, free and ready to take on the world.”

David Wilson

What are you waiting for? Just do it and join our loving, free-spirited community today!”

Tamsyn Cullen

It was an amazing experience; I would recommend Jeffrey Slayter’s events to friends, family and to the World! Long Live Mother Earth!”

Prue Morrison

It was an event that allowed me to fully step into my heart, embrace all my past experiences – including the challenging – and trusting that things will all work out. It gave me back faith.”

Belinda Sims

I have paid a lot of money for events and I have received information and transformation in the last 2 days like no other event I have been to. I can truly see and feel that Jeffrey puts in heart and soul into this and what he does; and he shows us “HIM”. I have so much gratitude for this experiences. Thank you!”

Jessica O’Meara

Many thanks and blessings, your generosity and courage to take this risk has shifted my life and who knows how many others. Only time will tell.”

Alex Oakey

This is by far the most empowering self-healing and loving group training I have ever experienced. Loved every second!!!”

Marko Petrovic

An experience of authentic and openhearted connection with magic! A must attend. Both the online community and this event are rare and we need more of it!”

Campbell Butterss

Mind blown. Enabled me to reconnect back to my purpose and path. Very authentic and very brave.”

Rod Williams

I came along expecting a business-based seminar. I got the opportunity to create my life’s purpose and concrete steps to implement it.”

John McCloskey

Thank you Jeff and team for the event. It’s time for all of us to step forward onto our business platforms and Jeff’s call to action is timely and an essential rallying cry that business is about serving people’s needs. Jeff’s call around heart-centered business is right on the money.”

Jai O’Flaherty

Jeffrey is a great bloke. As a mentor he helped me to smile and love myself. I hope to work one on one with Jeff in the future.”

Catterina Tilby

Jeffrey is turning our pre-concerned notions and beliefs about how we see ourselves and the world on its head so we can create a better Earth. He has reminded me to always question the weird, strange and far out in life and for that, I am grateful…and then there’s more.”

Stephanie McCloskeyy

I have been receiving and delivering trauma sessions for 24 years. This was the first event that felt totally heart spaced. Let’s play with the system to bring about a new world; I now know/see/sense my own role in this much more clearly and the next steps are clear.”

Andrew Little

It’s difficult to express in words this life changing experience. Phenomenal. Beautiful. Inspiring.”

Lynn Hebblethwaite

If you get the chance to attend a Free Humanity event, do it. It will teach you a profound truth that you already know.”

Pam Hall

Thank you to the ENTIRE TEAM, Michelle and, of course, Jeffrey, for the transparency, sharing your authentic self and for your bravery to be a trendsetter! Creating a new paradigm! So very grateful to each and every one of you.”

Ed Lower

Since doing my first event with Jeffrey in July ’14, my life (and my wife’s) have been flipped upside down in an amazing way. We have gone from a spate (?) of property traps to being directors of a fully active raw chocolate company in the space of 3 months.”

Daniel Craig Bartel

I will truly never be the same after attending this event. It has been an eye opening and deeply emotional, moving experience. I greatly look forward to moving on my life further from the knowledge I have gained from this weekend.”

Merrian Styles

Wow! How can I put into mere words what an experience this has been. To connect to like-minded souls on a soul searching journey. PRICELESS.”

Mark Rodoreda

Great event that you don’t want to miss.”

Charlie Simpson

Jeffrey has helped me look at the world from a different perspective. Jeffrey can help change your life and business in many different ways, no matter how old you are. Jeffrey is an inspiration to everyone!”

Marko Petrovic

An event that connects you to your heart and imagination. This is what should be taught in schools and business communities.”

Matthew Griffiths

I am thankful for your sharing your love, insight and personal wisdom to make me and the world a better place. Thank-you!”

Catherine Fewings

You showed me what I never thought was possible: massive group healing in record time.”

Miklos Szabo

The non-intrusive genuine teaching given by Jeffrey is simply amazing and not available to be experienced in the same depth by other coaches. Highly recommended to be seen and experienced by everyone.”

Easan Ho

Love you Jeffrey and your amazing teachings. Thank you so much!”

Paul Sadler

If you allow, Jeff can help you transform you life and business into WOW!”

Xin Zhan

Just come! See if you are ready for the information and experience that is offered during the weekend. Just remember, you have the choice to choose to enjoy whatever the experience you will be going through. It is all just part of the journey, it is all perfect.”

Kristin Lee

Leave your shoes at home – you won’t need them for this ground-breaking event that will have you tune into the real you and Mother Earth. Jeffrey has walked his talk many lives over – his purpose and mission will propel you to achieve yours. As he says; “Your heart is your biggest strength, listen to it.”

Belinda Taylor

So grateful for the courage, vulnerability and laughter. Since working with Jeffrey I have come into my own power which continues to amplify. I am sovereign.”

Zofia Krzemionka

Providing clarity, ways to process a fulfilling journey here on Earth, maximising our impact in our communities and the opportunities to have a global impact through social media.”

Katja Mörsky

Jeffrey has a beautiful message to share. I hope that everyone will not only listen to it, but will HEAR it.”


Jeffrey you are the most heartfelt speaker, coach and trainer. Your love and care for everyone in this world shows. We feel it and that’s what makes you stand out from the rest.”


It’s nice to see how this event both promotes freedom and bring people together who also do, so I find it valuable in that way.”


Fabulous weekend. Jeffrey’s commitment to Humanity and our planet is both deeply moving and an inspiration.”

Reika Skoyphet

I am so grateful for this experience, now I feel I can be who I need to be and do what I need to do. I trust in my heart’s journey and I value my gifts. I let go of my fear and FREE HUMANITY. THANK YOU!”

Shaml Waheed

The wealth of knowledge and experiences, range of differences Jeff can bring you can literally transform your life completely. Experience yourself!”


I express my love for you Jeffrey, and the team, for holding space, for having the courage to lead the way within. I have never experienced myself at such depth before. Thank you.”

Kae Bajwa

Jeffrey understands and is on a mission to help us understand. It’s all love and the heart.”

Amrit Sandhu

To the point. To the heart. Refreshing to find myself again.”


A fantastic event and a huge heartfelt thank you to Jeff and his team. I have attended Industry Rockstar previously and find this new format very refreshing. Thanks.”

Michael Giu

Jeffrey Slayter knows how to tap into people’s soul and get the most out of them so they can manifest the lives and the worlds they desire.”

Tracey-Leigh Davey

Jeff inspires people to be more of themselves. He is not only a great business mind and mentor, but he has a heart of love that cannot – and should not – be contained; and it’s contagious!”

Mason Taylor

It was an honour and adventure to be present at this experience. Jeff and his crew are transforming the business, sales and spiritual movement and community in a union that will greatly contribute to the current shift in consciousness.”


Never having heard of Jeffrey before (and also because I had never attended such an event/seminar before) I can ashamedly admit I attended the event with skepticism. However, once I got to the event, any doubts I had were cleared. Jeffrey has a way of making everyone comfortable and welcome. He has opened up my mind so much more than I can imagine and I feel I can go out and start conquering my fears. Thank you Jeffrey!”

John Salton

Coming along to this free event has inspired me to connect and commit at a deeper level with the development of my food distribution project; and I learned so much on how to present myself better on stage.”

Tammy Mansfield

Jeffrey has the love, strength and courage to show you your truth, your power. Just go to his event whether you think you need it or not; your heart will thank you.”


Jeffrey has an effortlessly influential way of reaching out to people and beautifully uniting them in the process. He is one of the very few life coaches who knows how to truly speak from the heart with conviction.”

Rushan Rozi

I love Jeffrey’s Freedom for Humanity movement as I see him put his heart into it, challenging many problems we see in the world.”

Yaz Dincer

Thank-you for all that you’ve shared and have always shared. I attended this event with no expectations and was blown away with how much resonated inside of me. Almost like a part of me standing before me, reminding me of myself. We are all creators of this amazing experience. I love you loving me, loving life. Thank-you, thank-you.”

Amandine Amaya Blasius

Jeffrey’s Free Humanity event was the kick I needed to get in to action and fulfill my life mission. I now trust myself to be so worthy and needed that success for myself is inevitable. Thank-you from the deepest of my heart.”

Ming Chan

If you’ve ever questioned who you really are and what you are doing with your life, this is the course for you. There is no better teacher than Jeffrey Slayter who has extensive knowledge on the tough business and personal questions – and who is truly committed to making the world a better place.”

Hilary J. Hatfield

Jeffrey is a brilliant trainer with a very important message that everyone needs to hear. Join the cause to help him heal the world.”


I came with an open mind not knowing what to expect, but got a big breakthrough in understanding some of the issues in holding me back from living the life I want for myself. This one weekend has helped more me more than 5-years in therapy.”

Stan Nelson

Thanks for taking us to the edge and teaching us to fly. Loved Jeffrey’s commitment to transforming the planet.”

Phillip McGuigan

I have been to a few of Jeffrey’s courses and each time I am amazed at the new things I learn. I love the way you are true to what you say. Thanks Jeffrey!”

Paul Molyneaux

Jeffrey has the brilliant ability to ask the hard questions we need to answer ourselves by going within and to move forward to make a difference in the world. We love and live.”

Judy Shaw

As usual, Jeffrey reconfirmed my ideas and made sense of my beliefs. Putting people on the same page is a necessary job in this day and age. Jeffrey has a unique way of making this allowable and acceptable to all involved. The more I work with Jeffrey, the more I remember about me.”

Michael Percy

If you are interested in making a difference in the world and making a bigger impact – to share your gifts. Jeff will take you to the next level and beyond! Highly recommended.”

Sharon Wilson

I love, that Jeff wants to empower all to have healthy lives and businesses, and that they are not exclusive.”

Heart of Speaking Testimonials

Gaelene Adams Wood, Professional Speaker, Coach and Transformational Leader

The Heart of Speaking was so much more than I anticipated. Not only did it cover the practical aspects of professional speaking, it was done with a lot of humour and realness. Jeffrey Slayter is a leader who is on a spiritual mission to free humanity and his intention on this knows no bounds. It was a privilege to be in his company, learning from a highly experienced, highly evolved spiritual leader.”

Kellie Stewart, The Horsemanship Institute

The Heart of Speaking is an amazing gift. It gave me a new perspective on speaking from stage and how to be authentic – how to speak a message that resonates with my audience. During this event I stepped into my power and owned all aspects required to effectively deliver information that will be heard .Yes it was challenging but the rewards have already shown to be insurmountable. Highly recommend this event to anyone looking to improve their business through speaking.”

James Beilharz

I found ‘The Heart of Speaking’ incredibly transformative. I feel so equipped in the area of speaking and also super inspired to deliver my message to the world. This workshop is a non-negotiable for speakers, up-and-coming speakers or people who wish to take themselves to the next level!”

Sheryl Harvey

Thank you Jeff, for an amazing 5 days at the Heart of Speaking. The overwhelming fear and apprehension of feeling vulnerable in front of people was immediately put to rest, by the caring and compassionate way you eased us all into facing what we most dreaded. The content and information was excellent.”

Nuray Ozden

Jeffrey your workshops are truly transformative. I walk in and out a completely different person. Love your passion for what you do. It rubs off on us all. With love and gratitude.”

Megan Clark, The Wholeness of Light

I’ve known for sometime now that it’s my path to speak….and that was such an overwhelming scary statement for me to acknowledge! It was even more scarier for me to consider investing money into. And yet here I am on the other side of having completed Jeffery Slayter’s Heart of Speaking course & I feel so excited about the prospect of speaking. His course has given me so much confidence, inside knowledge & genuine tools of the trade that I feel truly ready to come out of the closet in order to speak my message! My first engagement is in a month & I’m feeling surprisingly calm & centred about it all. I’m so happy that the universe brought Jeffery into my world, otherwise I’d still be thinking instead of doing. If your not sure about doing a course with Jeffery, go anyway, you’ll be amazed at what will be set free from within you.”

Martha Arifin, Trusted Web Expert

As always, Jeffrey’s training is the best I’ve found. This training has given me a lot of confidence as well as necessary techniques in speaking and presenting and doing it the right way. Thank you Jeff and the Team for such a great workshop!”

Marko Petrovic

Well worth the investment! Having implemented the take-aways into my talks I’ve definitely noticed a response in engagement, quality of deliver in my work and sales. Thank you!”

Rebekah Morgan

If you are questioning yourself as to whether or not an event of Jeffrey’s is worth the time and the expense. It takes one step to change your life – you truly have to experience it to know that you wouldn’t question yourself again. Life changing. Thank you.”

Catterina Tilby

Attending this course, I plunged head-first into my fears. Jeff’s raw, real and heart-felt approach reminded me how important it is to keep stepping into this space if I want to share my message with the world – to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Thank you.”

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