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Strange Ideas

Jeffrey Slayter - November 8, 2019 - 0 comments

These are the ideas you get that could potentially change the world.

Sometimes when I’m having challenges I come up with a new idea because I realise that I need to think differently if I want to come up with a solution. You can’t solve a new problem with old thinking.

Often there are times when I’m trying to just think bigger but this doesn’t work. So instead of doing this, I switch to thinking stranger, thinking weirder thoughts, and inside of these strange and weird ideas is where I guess you could say for lack of a better term, breakthroughs happen.

This is where you can experience breakthroughs in yourself, and breakthroughs in your relationship with this existence. Strange ideas are what is necessary in order to pierce through the normality of what plagues this world today, which is boring. They are a path to fulfillment because they continue to challenge you and help you to grow to a new level.

Strange ideas are the birthplace of beauty, and so it’s the strange ideas that lead to the most incredible art being created or a beautifully orchestrated piece of music. It’s the strange ideas where fulfillment happens. It’s the strange ideas where advances in innovation happen, those ideas that everyone thinks are strange until they are not.

While the collective thinks some of our ideas might be strange, those who actually have these strange ideas discover that over time these ideas become normal and accepted. The first time you put them out there people don’t understand. As new innovation and change often make people uncomfortable they react by ridiculing you. They say “that’s strange, that’s weird, it’s not going to happen”, and then over time they start to see them as normal, as acceptable, as achievable, as something that could be possible.

Every incredible breakthrough that humanity has experienced started as a strange idea. So, don’t be afraid to challenge how you think.

Have lots of strange ideas and innovate, innovate, innovate.

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