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Psychedelic Revolution – Drugs Not Required

Jeffrey Slayter - October 30, 2019 - 0 comments

For thousands of years people have sought out substances which can take them to an alternative consciousness in order to escape or discover more about who they really are.

Psychedelic drugs have been widely used, and are ultimately going to teach us that we don’t actually need them in order to experience our own revolution within ourselves, our own turning point of discovering who we really are.

I prefer to use the word “entheogen” than “psychedelic” because of the negative drug connotation and everything that goes with that term. An entheogen is a catalyst or tool to guide us deeper into ourselves to connect with our true essence. They are powerful medicines and only to be consumed with the guidance and wisdom of an experienced shaman.

Perhaps these entheogens are actually ourselves, working on ourselves to come back home to ourselves. I discovered this for myself when working with them in the jungles of South America. My experiences really were a “coming home to myself” and these incredible sacraments, these powerful entheogens that have been gifted to us from Mother Earth herself, are the greatest tools for helping us come home to our true nature.

Psychedelics and entheogens however are not for everybody. The experience itself can be intense physically, mentally and emotionally because you can be forced to face fears and accept your shadows, while your body goes through a violent purging.

We do have our own psychedelic experience within us just by breathing. It has actually been proven that when we do breath work, we release DMT into our lungs which is a major compound in most entheogens out there. So just practicing breathing exercises, can begin to help us connect more with ourselves and experience awareness in a gentler way.

Psychedelics and the revolution itself is the revolution of humanity.

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