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Perth, which is known as the city of light, sun and surf by is the largest state in Australia. In fact, Perth amounts to a third of Australia’s area, which is approximately 2,500,000 square meters. Offering a glorious view of the beaches, Perth is considered by one of the beautiful cities in Australia. Perth is known across the world for being:

The sunniest capital, locals enjoy an average of eight hours of sunshine every day that most beach goers love.

The city of light because when Astronaut John Glenn went on a mission in 1962, he could identify Perth from space because of all the lights, making the city one of the most visible cities in the world

Of all the cities in Australia, Perth has the most numbers of millionaires. Thanks to the booming mining industry in the city, Perth is home to self-made millionaires, including one that’s committed in changing people’s mindset about fulfillment in life and in business, Jeffrey Slayter, Australia’s respected Perth Life Coach.

Perth is divided into five regions: the Kimberley, the North West, South West, the Interior, and the Wheat Belt. Jeffrey Slayter, Australia’s respected Perth Life Coach made it his mission to visit each region to help locals build better personal and professional connections.


Jeffrey Slayter – Life Coach in Perth, Australia

Jeffrey Slayter a renowned life and business coach who considers Australia as his second home. Growing up in Hawaii, Jeffrey is by no means a stranger to coastal living that’s why he felt right at home in Australia, with its beautiful beaches, laid back lifestyle and friendly locals.

But more than testing the Aussie waters, Jeffrey Slayter is Australia’s top Perth Life Coach who is committed in helping people find fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives.

For Jeffrey, the key to a fulfilling career is balance, striking a balance between work and play, life and career. As a business executive Jeffrey Slayter isn’t solely dedicated in making money but also finding fulfillment not just for himself as well as for the people he work with. That’s why instead of resting his laurels, he tours key cities in Australia and the world to help prospective business owners to not only grow their business but also find happiness in what they do.

Life is, after all, not just about making millions. It’s also about finding happiness in the little things, living every minute as if it is your last and establishing connections that are beneficial both at work and at play.

Jeffrey Slayter, Australia’s Perth Life Coach aims to train people, open their eyes to the possibilities and achieve a well-balanced professional and personal lives. Jeffrey also offer consultation and other services aimed at one on one self-improvement, guiding people to stay positive and achieve the next level in business management. He holds speaking events in key parts of Australia, including Perth.

If you are in Perth and would like to learn more about Jeffrey Slayter’s speaking events or book a consultation, you may click here for more details.

Watch a few  testimonials for Jeffrey Slayter at the Prosperity Experience event held in Perth, Australia:

Ron Arthurs – Actor, Coach and Entrepreneur from Perth, Australia

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