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You might be curious about working together at a more personal level to save you time, achieve rapid results and specific tailored focus.

Who do I work with?

Typically I work with high profile authors, consultants, speakers or executives of companies. I only take 7 clients per year due to speaking and other engagements and businesses that I run.

Typically the main clients I enjoy working with are people who have committed to making a positive difference on the planet, utilizing the vehicle of their business as an expression, and as a tool to do just that.

What are the areas I focus on with my clients?

  • Leadership skills
  • Increasing employee engagement to close the gap between the vision of the CEO and its implementation
  • Subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging and creating glass ceilings of success in their company
  • Sales and their negotiation skills in order to effectively negotiate large partnerships, large deals

I can be brought in to work with their sales team on closing more effectively in the areas of:

  • Shortening sales cycles
  • Reaching decision makers quickly and effectively
  • Increasing deal size
  • Raising price points
  • Objection handling and negotiation tactics

My CEO clients have utilized me for enhanced presentation skills as the face of the company and they realize that they must get out from behind the brand and become the face of the brand.  They will work with me to seek out speaking opportunities across the world and speak on behalf of their company; representing their company; their products and services.  When they become effective in these areas, they tend to drive more partnership and deals; and create larger opportunities from their speaking engagements as a CEO.

With my one on one clients, I often work with them on the transformation of their relationship to themselves and on developing the leadership that exists within them. As my clients realize that their own limitations become their companies’ limitations and that the more that they expand and grow themselves, their companies do too.  So I will often concentrate on their limiting beliefs, their sabotage patterns, and their overall confidence as a leader in order to support them in developing their emerging leaders.

Do I work with the emerging leaders of the company?

I will at times be brought in by my one on one clients at an additional rate to work with their emerging leaders as well.
My one on one client sometimes choose to bring me in to work in consultation with their teams and their top level management to look into operational issues and blind spots.

Yet oftentimes, I’ll be brought in:

  • To help them package and position their services in the marketplace
  • To identify the current customers that make them the most amount of money and make them their ideal customers
  • To develop marketing campaigns that will strategically attract more of those “ideal” customers

I create different approaches for each one on one client, depending on the client’s needs and wants. I use many different modalities in order to work with them, which include:

  • Holographic level NLP
  • Family systems work
  • Eastern philosophy
  • Meditation and many more

I like to go beyond the technique and get to the heart of what the challenges are. I believe that my clients have the answers that they need and that I’m not here to tell them how to run their business. What I’m here for is to support them in finding clarity, to find answers within themselves and to provide an advice if they need one on specific challenges. Yet most of the time I work with my one and one clients on the areas that they are already certain in, which often become their blind spots.

There are times they will require different levels of advice and if needed, I will open up my rolodex, or other advisors as well who are close friends and contacts of mine, to provide support for them in different faction points in their company.

How do you get started in working with me?

You must first invest $1,000 for a one and a half hour consultation, where we will discuss where you are and where you want to go. If at the end of the conversation we’re not a match I will refund your money. It’s my way of looking for people that are serious about working together.




What types of income does a minimum income require for a typical client?

Typically the minimum income required for clients I work with should have businesses that are at least making a million dollars a year, preferably more. The reason I select these types of clients who generate that level of income is because I’d like to have the resources available to make the changes they are required to make and comply with, in order to support them in generating more revenue.

Depending on how long I’ve been working with them, my one and one clients will get specific invites to retreats as well as to gatherings I hold exclusively for all of my one on one clients.

How does the payment structure work?

You pay for 3 months upfront, then after that we go month to month.
Typically I work with my clients for years, but the payments work 3 months upfront and then after that we go month to month after that.

What other areas can we focus on if needed?

  • Some of the online strategies and overall positioning online
  • Drip system campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • Touch points of customers

These are all areas of focus which we’ll get into details individually. Occasionally, on some one on one clients that I work with, I would simply work on their leadership and their development of themselves, as well as their spiritual growth.

It can be challenging to narrow down all the different areas that we work on. Each one on one client has his own needs and wants and this is why I only take 7 clients a year. I make sure to custom tailor my consultation and my coaching approach in a way that will best work for them.

If you are curious about working together personally please click the button below.




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