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Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia and is also considered to be the business center of the country. Aside from being one of the more prosperous areas in the Asia-pacific region, Melbourne also ranks high when it comes to areas of tourism, education, sports, healthcare, and entertainment. This is the perfect place for sports enthusiasts, athletes, and people who love the great outdoors.

People who love all forms of art will enjoy visiting the capital of Victoria as Melbourne is also known as the cultural capital of Australia. This city has become a global centre for visual and performing arts. Australian dance styles like the Melbourne Shuffle, the introduction of the world’s first feature films made by the Australian film industry, the education of impressionist art by the renowned Heidelberg School are just some of the fascinating sights to see in Melbourne. Melbourne is known across the globe for:

  • Being a Mecca in Australia for Global Sports. Apart from housing the Australian Football League, the “Australian Grand Prix”, “Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival”, and “Australia’s Grand Slam Summer of Tennis” are also held in Melbourne.

  • Promoting the Value of Cultural Events and Learning. Various things that encourage cultural growth are present in Melbourne. For one, this city is home to the renowned groups of the Australian Ballet and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The city also encourages street art and has been named by the International Business Times as one of the best cities in this type of cultural attraction.

  • Building a Strong Economy. Melbourne is the home to several large, multi-corporations in various fields like finance, logistics, tourism, and more. Such organizations include ANZ, Telstra and BHP Billiton that have gone global and have sites all over the world.


Jeffre Slayter – Life Coach in Melbourne, Australia

The city is consistently thriving and Jeffrey Slayter has seen at the center of it all as the top Melbourne life coach in Australia. He offers speaking events and motivational courses to people especially those who are planning to put up start-up business.

Melbourne life coach Jeffrey Slayter is a business executive who is committed in helping people live the life they always dreamed. He has traveled to other countries including the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Germany to share his insights about personal success, offering consultation and training for business owners who are looking to manage their business efficiently. He has also shared the stage with other great minds like Charles Schwab, Sir Richard Branson, Les Brown, John Gray, and Frank Kern.

Jeffrey Slayter, who grew up in Hawaii, was never confused about what he wanted to do in life. He has always known he’d own a successful business and at the same time, find ways to help others too. Today, Melbourne life coach Jeffrey Slayter is a highly successful business and life coach who jets in various parts of the world to hold speaking events, inspiring people to make positive chances within themselves for the better.

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