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Jeffrey Slayter's Man Camp

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We invite you to remember who and what you really are

If you accept this call, it will transform your life and your understanding of your essence, and your true purpose. You will find your entrepreneurial edge, through challenges with peers that will take you through the layers of reality as you know them.

Iki uleman kanggo gabung grup eksklusif saka game ganti pengaruh wong ing lelampahan sing nggawe Nggeser ageng ing bisnis lan urip,,en,Sampeyan bakal awaken pikiran,,en,Liwat budidoyo shamanic saka modalities semangat kuna,,en,kita bakal mbantu awaken lengkap potensial kanggo nggawe shift paradigma penting sing bakal ngurmati nglereni Sastranegara bisnis pinggiran,,en,supaya bebarengan kita bisa nggawa kawicaksanan kuna iki nèng donya bisnis gedhe-gedhe umum lan mangsa kita,,en,Iku ora kanggo conformist ing,,en. You will awaken your mind, badan lan nyawa. Through the shamanic cultivation of ancient energetic modalities, we will help you awaken your full potential to create a profound paradigm shift that will honour cutting edge business strategies, so together we can bring this ancient wisdom into the world of business for our general and future ones. It is not for the conformist, iku mung kanggo sing looking kanggo push kepungkur pinggiran dhewe,,en,dina,,en,Minangka wong sing ngudi bebener,,en,usaha kanggo ngerti dhewe,,en,mangertos kasunyatan,,en,lan mlih kesadaran bener saka alam urip lan pinter,,en,Dening looking ing sampeyan bisa ketemu ora mung jawaban,,en,nanging tentrem lan reconnection,,en,Sampeyan ngerti sing donya iku KALUBÈRAN,,en,lan energi sing itungan bener kaping,,en,Sampeyan bisa aran donya ganti,,en,lan telpon ing dhewe kanggo nggambarake owah-owahan sing uga,,en, daily.

As a truth seeker, you strive to know yourself, to understand your reality, and to rejoin the true awareness of an alive and intelligent universe. By looking within you can find not just answers, but peace and reconnection.

You know that the world is abundant, and that energy is the true currency of these times. You can feel the world changing, and a call within yourself to reflect that change as well. You are hungry for this revelation of truth and want to dissolve the boundaries between prosperity and purpose.


  • Men who have an open mind and are curious about finding their edge in life and going outside of their comfort zone to discover themselves beyond the cultural programming.
  • Those who are courageous enough to re-define who you they are in the world, through confronting who they are not.
  • Biasane, the type of people who join us on this retreat are high performing professionals seeking a reconnection to their soul’s true nature, in order to re-shape the way they build their global business of impact by rising above what has been.
  • Men who are seriously ready for change on a core, jero tingkat.
  • Those who wish to take their new state and unite profiting with their peers and do more social projects that create real lasting change in the world

In ancient times the women would gather in groups separate from the men in order to strengthen their self awareness and place in the universe. This created sisterhoods and brotherhoods of lasting friendships with the collective purpose of benefiting humanity. This also supported the men and women in better relationships with each other.


  • Chest pounding super important men. This retreat has no room for egos that are not willing to take a back seat. Pamiarso sing pindhah menyang mundur iki kabeh sukses ing gesang profesional sing,,en,Ora menehi becik pinten dhuwit utawa status sampeyan duwe,,en,Yen sampeyan lagi ora gelem kanggo ngremukake pangertèn saka identitas iki ora bisa,,en,Wong-wong sing seneng tetep asleep,,en,Wong kang ora arep kanggo tuwuh utawa tantangan,,en,Wong ora mbukak kanggo lelungan,,en,Wong-wong sing padha mikir wis ngerti apa kasunyatan,,en,Sing ora siap kanggo nggabungake pengalaman klompok lan supaya pindhah saka wates,,en. Nobody gives a crap how much money or status you have. If you’re not willing to annihilate your sense of identity this is not for you.
  • Those who are happy to remain asleep.
  • People who do not want to grow or be challenged.
  • People not open to travel.
  • Those who think they already know what reality is.
  • Those not ready to join a group experience and let go of boundaries.
  • Even though you may have the revenue or investment it doesn’t mean you can join us. Many people have money and success but are lacking a desire to grow emotionally, spiritually and make an impact to leave a legacy behind. We are sourcing for the legacy leaders that are using business as a vehicle for impact


  • The location will be a location nestled in nature.
  • Sit with a committed group of entrepreneurial peers that aren’t afraid to ask you the hard hitting questions and tell it like it is, so you can get the business and life that you want.
  • Discover top leadership skills from business builders and simultaneously soak in the wisdom of your brothers.
  • Learn how to negotiate and influence all parts of yourself by awakening a greater level of self-awareness so you can refine your ability to act in the moments of impact you will be facing, daily.
  • We will also do some men’s initiation experiences that involve active activities.
  • We will also be working with the spirit of tobacco.

We will incorporate clarity of vision conversations to show you how to bring back these newfound experiences into your business and life.


  • A breakthrough experience that redefines your understanding of who and what you truly are.
  • A letting go of limiting belief systems.
  • A redefinition of the life and your place in it.
  • An understanding and training in your body, brainwave states, the ego and unity consciousness.
  • An appreciation of the true interconnectedness and joy of life.
  • How your life impacts your business and weave them together

Negara: Australia

Rega: $2,500

Lokasi lan tanggal:

  • Lokasi: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (Bandara bisa Langkawi, Gold Coast utawa Brisbane)
  • Tanggal: October 6th-8th 2017
  • Wektu: 6pm Friday, 6th Oct to 3pm Sunday, 8th Nov

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Telpon: +61 (02) 8003 5747
Email: [email protected]



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