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4-day event hosted by Jeffrey Slayter at yet to be disclosed exclusive Secret Private Island in Fiji


The Leadership Summit by Jeffrey Slayter is an seven star experiential 4-day event, hand-designed by Jeffrey Slayter, and focused on power-packing successful entrepreneurs and business owners, with the intelligence, networks, and advanced methods, so they can improve the condition of life here on Earth.

For business leaders, it’s where Paradise and Social Entrepreneurism unite.

Qualifying for the Leadership Summit…

To qualify for The Leadership Summit by Jeffrey Slayter, you must meet all the following requirements:

  • You must be a commercially successful entrepreneur or business owner, and typical members of this summit are involved in multiple 7 to 9-figure businesses.
  • You must be grateful and heart-centered for the success you have, and want to take your social usefulness and impact to a world level.
  • You must be willing to share your business success secrets (unique skills, resources and knowledge) openly and candidly with other attendees, so that everyone can benefit from the power of the mastermind dynamic (confidentiality will remain within the group).
  • You must like having fun and not really take yourself or anything too seriously. The Island is full of natural beauty, and there will be cocktails, music, and great conversations over meals.
  • You must be in control of your ego, because there is no room to create a long-lasting and socially useful impact on this planet if your head is the globe.
  • You must be able to afford to come as the admission fee is to be determined.

What you get…

Paradise Experience

The experience will be all-paid for including accommodation, food and transport to and from the Island (All you have to do is get to Nadi Fiji International Airport) :

  • Get away to a private Fiji Island by being picked up in a private helicopter from the main Fiji Airport (Nadi International Airport)
  • Luxury Fijian-style accommodation, water sports, diving, sand-quay picnics, cultural experiences, banquets and anything else you can think of that is worthy of a 7-star holiday
  • Talk business, life, social purpose in a leisurely setting, because as we all know, having “fun” in business leads to inspiring breakthroughs.



The Leadership Summit is themed about solving today’s biggest problems, by getting together the biggest and best of the business world. Here’s what the business side of the 4-day experience will look like:

  • Social Entrepreneurism mastermind discussions that are focused on putting the best minds together, forging deep understandings of each other’s businesses and experiences, to discover and create ways for businesses to give back to the planet.
  • Top tier global business connections will be made during this get together. When successful entrepreneurs from different walks of life get together, it’s inevitable that big business deals will be made. The kinship, like-mindedness, and energy of the group will naturally result in the “next big thing” that will undoubtedly bring about a great social impact.
  • Power packed business-building sessions will be run every day(relaxed, fun and invigorating). By leveraging the power of the mastermind, each and every member will help each other work-out business challenges, brainstorm new opportunities, and exchange success secrets to really help take their businesses to the next level.

Deep and meaningful connections. Skyrocketed profits. Legacy-like world impacts.

Special Guest

Thanks to Jeffrey Slayter’s extensive global presence within the space of human potential and business psychology, the Leadership Summit will feature surprise guests who will be global thought-leaders in their respective fields.

Who will it be? You’ll find out at the event…


Securing your spot

Please contact us so we can confirm that you are a qualified individual for The Leadership Summit.

We will take you through the application process where you will be asked very specific questions about your business (your answers will be kept confidential).

Once you qualify, Jeffrey will personally give you a welcome call to kick-start the relationship.

To confirm and secure your acceptance to The Leadership Summit, it is expected that you will pay a non-refundable $2,000 deposit towards the to be determined balance of the trip.

There are 32 tickets available and they will sell-out, because the Royal Davui only has 16 luxury suites on the private island!

To register or inquire – contact Jeffrey Slayter team

Phone: +61 (02) 8003 5747
Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring an associate or partner from my business?

Yes you can. In fact, we will give you a discount. (To be determined)

Can I bring my laptop, cell phone, iPhone, blackberry, etc to stay in touch with the office?

Of course you can. We all need to stay in touch in this day and age! But bear in mind, it’s also a perfect time to truly disconnect from the world, so you can work on the world and your business. So be responsible, it’s your choice 🙂

Is the Leadership Summit Tax Deductible?

In most cases yes. After all, the primary purpose of the trip is to dramatically grow your bottom line and social impact. But to be safe, it’s best to confirm with your Accountant or Tax Professional.

Who else is coming on the trip?

It’ll only be those who exhibit the qualification requirements. In other words, top-tier entrepreneurs and business professionals who are heart-centered, want to create long-lasting and useful world change, and of course, scale their business profits.

It will comprise of a diverse range of 32 individuals from all industries including marketing, human potential, financial institutions, real estate developers, designers, manufacturers and other thought-leaders. It’s where the best get together to get even better!

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