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I kept getting asked by my clients all over the world what they could watch, read, or listen to that would support them on there quest for expanding more of who they are. With the support of my audiences my team and I have put together this massive resource of many many top documentaries ranging from history, biographies, success tips, science, awakening and a whole lot more. It is ever growing because people keep making suggestions. So it is community driven:)

Enjoy it and consider it a gift from your fellow human beings:)

Nearly everyday I am always learning something new to apply to my life to help and contribute to myself and others. As they say if we are not growing we are dying.

I do not necessarily agree with all of them infact some of them are pretty far out! Yet I have found I do not need to agree with something and I still do get value out of it. Some of them are amazing!

Yet each provide a unique way of looking at the world and give me a slightly different frame work to view myself and others . Share this wonderful resource with your community if you feel inclined it will support them.


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