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Who’s Got God’s Millions?

Financial crisis is hitting almost every country in the world. Even the once powerful economies like United States and Italy fell on hard times because of economic meltdown. Governments are coughing up millions of dollars in order to support citizens who are in dire need and financial institutions that are struggling to keep business afloat.

In “Who’s Got God’s Millions?,” atheist Robert Llewellyn argues that the 4 major monotheistic religions of the world should do their part to help affected economies. For this reason, he travels across Europe and to Israel in order to discover the true worth of the Anglican Commune, Catholic Church, Islam, and Judaism.

Llewellyn first visited the Canterbury Cathedral where he was surprised to find out that assets and income of the Church of England are readily available. He then travels to the Westminster Cathedral to find the financial details of the Catholic Church in England. Here he learns that there is a dedicated part in the Church’s income that is given to the Vatican. When he went to Rome, he could not find any information about the real financial capacity of the Vatican City.

In order to learn about Islam and Judaism, Llewellyn goes to Jerusalem. Unfortunately, the Israeli government was not even tracking the existing number of synagogues in the country that’ss why they could not determine their income. His last stop was at the East London Mosque where he attempts to define the financial worth of Islam. Although there were several records provided to him, he learned that the 1600 mosques in UK were never audited.

In the end, he was able to compute the total amount and reveals richest monotheistic religion at the end of the film!

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