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Who Are We? Try Out This Meditation To Get A Glimpse

We often wonder who we really are and what our purpose in this world is. We question most of our feelings, decisions, and beliefs, and even principles. There are moments when we feel that we want to change in order to become better. However, there are also times when we want the world to change for us instead.

Most of the problems and fears we have are produced by the identity we create with our personal image. It is what leads to our ideas, beliefs, behavior, and principles and how we perceive who we are what life is. Our identity depends on what state it is. If it is at risk, it turns to negative things making us react negatively. Otherwise, the results are positive making us behave positively. There is more to us than the identity we created so we should not allow it to limit how we think and act.

We need to go back to who we really are before we created a higher state of consciousness. We should let go of the influences of external factors and be like a child again. This paved the way for an open mind, helping us achieve true freedom and inner peace.

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