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Where Science and Buddhism Meet

In a 2-part presentation, Gerald draws parallel between science and Buddhism on levels that include Emptiness, Oneness and Nature of Reality. In the first installment of his presentation, Gerald believes that both scientific and Buddhist thinking have similarity as far as the understanding of reality goes. Although certain Buddhist believes are not necessarily ideas that are exclusive to the faith, but has been taught to people since the ancient times.

Gerald goes over the three main tenants of Buddhism (Emptiness, Oneness and Nature of Reality) to illustrate his point.

Emptiness.For Buddhists, they believe that emptiness is that in which all arises and return from. From the chair you are sitting o to the computer you are looking at, your body is arising in the moment from emptiness. In order to understand and define emptiness, you need to learn more about material reality. Emptiness sees to parallel the concept of “quantum field in the quantum physics.

Gerald goes into detail how our own perception of a tangible object may co-exist in waves or non-material entity and the particle or the material entity.

Just like holding an apple, the particle of the fruit exists within a defined location in space and time, in the example, a hand.

In its waveform, the apple wouldn’t be in your hand but in fact, is spread throughout all possible states. So how can something seemingly solid be a non-solid? How can a thing that exists in one location be able to exist to another?

Shockingly, the thing that determines whether or not particles behave like particles or waves is the very thing that observed the phenomenon, the human consciousness.

Because atoms are approximately “99.999999999999 % empty space, it raises the question as to how we perceive ourselves and our reality. If most of what we are made of is largely empty space, then why are the things around us feels tangible, solid to the touch?

Science explains that the feeling of solidity is a repulsion or push of other sets of atoms. We don’t actually touch anything, we just get the illusion of solidity through repulsive force. The “sea of fluctuating energy is the only thing that makes it appear that everything around us feels solid to the touch.

The Quantum Field.The quantum film is a electro-magnetic field that all matter arise from. The particles arising from this field are separated but are different forms of the system. In short, matter arising from the field and the field itself is the same thing.

Gerald illustrates this point by likening the effect to the incessant waves in the sea. The waves fluctuate continuously and at the very tip of each crescent is the matter where our reality arises. The rest of the sea exists only as potential for matter. All mater rises and returns to this field, one that is spread out from all space and time. This encapsulated the idea of emptiness.

From the particles we see lie the foundation of every atom that makes up us, the things around us, and the universe in all its entirety.

Oneness.Just like in Buddhist where believers are thought that we are all connected together and in the universe, the same thing is taught in scientific terms. Despite being separate as entities, the world around us are nothing but an illusion. Physics tells us we are unified or connected together by the nature of ourselves and our reality.

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