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What Would Jesus Buy?

“What Would Jesus Buy?” offers a hilarious take on the commercialization of Christmas. The film, which was produced by “Super Size Me” producer, Morgan Spurlock in collaboration with filmmaker, Rob VanAlkemade, was lauched in 2007 and stars comedian, Bill Talen.

Talen’s idealistic views of the holidays were tarnished when he when he visited New York and found out that Times Square had been transformed into one huge shopping center.

Wearing a white caterer’s jacket and attaching a white collar, he decided to take the identity of Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir. He started as a lone preacher in 1999 carrying his portable podium across different subways to share his teachings. He gained thousands of followers and became the leader of a new congregation.

Viewers will see how Reverend Billy goes across the country to propagate his Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir which aims to save Christmas from the peril of consumerism and over-consumption that may lead to huge debts. It’s time to gain a refresher course of the true meaning of Christmas and forgetting about materials things.

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