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Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy

“Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy” is a 3-part documentary written and directed by Graham Coleman and first televised in 1984 by BBC. The film aims to educate viewers about Buddhism as well as uncover the connection of the religion to the Tibetan culture.

The first part of the film, titled, “The Dalai Lama, The Monasteries, and the People” shares the real story of the Dalai Lama and how he is able to fulfill his role as a political and spiritual leader. Viewers will also get to see how extensive periods of debate and solitary meditation in the monasteries can help a person develop the inner knowledge to be enlightened.

The second part of the film is entitled “Radiating the Fruit of Truth” and it features hidden truths and mysteries of living a monastic life. The second installment of the documentary also highlights the Phulwary Sakya Monastery, a structure used in time for reflection, spiritual enlightenment and as a retreat. This part also feature the ritual invocation of the female deity Tara and how it can change the negative forces so that people will be safe.

The final installment of the film is titled, “The Fields of the Senses.” This part focuses on the relationship between the human mind and body and the environment. It also expound on the principle of impermanence and its effects in modern society.

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