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The Virgin Daughters

The purity movement is a cause that was created by Randy Wilson and his wife Lisa. This movement is commemorated by a Purity Ball held at Colorado Springs wherein fathers would register, bring their daughters and during the ball the dad would pledge to protect his daughter’s purity and in turn the daughter would pledge to keep her purity until her wedding day.

The Virgin Daughters, directed by Jane Treays, is a documentary film that takes a deeper look into this highly talked about issue. The Wilsons and their purity movement have been featured in numerous television shows including Dr. Phil, ABC’S Good Morning America, CNN’S The Glenn Beck Show and many more. Because a number of the participants of this movement are minors, a lot of people and critics have been questioning whether or not the decision to join this pledge was done by the girls or by their fathers? We join Treays as she attempts to uncover the truth behind one of America’s most talked about issues.

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