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The Trouble With Atheism

The Trouble with Atheism is a 2006 documentary series presented by Rod Liddle for Channel4. The film delves on the argument that atheists can be considered as intolerant and fanatic as other religious groups. The series features ruminations by prominent scientists the likes of Richard Dawkins and Peter Atkins as well as Anglican priest John Polkinghorne. Interviews by the president f the American Atheists, Ellen Johnson is also included in the documentary.

The film starts by determining the common criticism of religion, including violence that has ensued due to religious conflicts. Liddle presents the idea that atheism may just become as dogmatic as any established religious groups and to support his claim, he gives numerous examples of words and actions atheists say or do and zeroing in on the similarities between atheism and other religious attitudes. Liddle also argues that atheism is by far a superior way to understand the world, much like science. As such, he believes that science, along with atheism, may one day be considered similar to religion.

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