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The Story of Marjoe

“The Story of Marjoe” is a film that exposes the true story of Marjoe Gortner’s life. Marjoe Gortner was a brilliant child preacher who gained popularity in the United States for his skills in televised evangelism.

Having attained popularity and success at such a young age, he was making a lot of money to help out his parents. However, when his popularity waned, Marjoe rejoined the ministry not because he believed but because he needed to earn money. He then used the next years capitalizing on the fame he built as a child evangelist to defraud other people.

In the end, Marjoe’s conscience got the best of him and he chose to change his ways. This documentary film tells the story of how Marjoe changed from bad to good by giving the film crew unlimited access to him during his final revival tour. Footage of Marjoe preaching and praying is shown including an exclusive interview where he admits that he is a non-believer. He also shares the different methods that he and other evangelists use to trick people.

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