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The Origins of Christmas

Christmas is considered the most celebrated event in the Catholic faith. Currently, people believe that it is held as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. However, various civilizations such as the Mesopotamians, Romans, Scandinavians, Germans, Balkans, and Carthaginians also had huge celebrations on or near the 25th of December as they welcomed the sun’s return.

“The Origins Of Christmas” is a documentary film that traces the history of Christmas, highlighting the striking the similarities between the holidays and other events linked towards the season. For one, the film featured ex-convicts posing as Santa Claus and how they were sacrificed before the day of the celebration itself, how handing out dolls to children is actually rooted in the ancient tradition of sacrificing children to the gods of agriculture and other riveting historic information about Christmas.

Another curious fact is how the fun tradition of kissing under the mistletoe actually has a fascinating history. In ancient times, an herb called “all healer” was regarded by the Celtic Druids as a cure for impotence. They also believe that using the herb can also increase the fertility of the soil and cattle.

The film also touches on how the Catholic Church decided to follow the ancient pagan customs and giving them a Christian meaning. It also details how the event is no longer a means of celebrating the return of the sun but more of a chance to profit off those who celebrate the season.

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