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The Mexican Mormon War

“The Mexican Mormon War” is an eye-opening documentary film produced by VICE magazine and released in 2012. VICE founder, Shane Smith personally went to Ciudad Juarez in Mexico to uncover this gruesome story of a Mormon Manson who turned his own family into assassins. They were ordered by cartel boss “El Rikin” to kill over 40 people as revenge against another local Mormon community leader.

The events take a dangerous turn when the Mormons decide to illegally arm themselves and learn counter-terrorism strategies that the American soldier used in the Gulf war. The VICE team also became a target for the cartel after they joined the police in patrolling the area and having a drinking session with the Mormons. Mitt Romney’s Mexican relatives were also interviewed by the VICE team and they share the story of how a family member was kidnapped and held for ransom by the cartel.

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