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The Hidden Story Of Jesus

“The Hidden Story Of Jesus” is a 2007 documentary movie directed by David Batty and presented by Dr. Robert Beckford. The film features an extensive investigation of the authenticity of Jesus Christ’s story by comparing it with the other religions of the world.

Before Christianity, ancient civilizations have existing religions with stories that bear striking resemblance to Jesus Christ in the bible. For instance, according to legends, Buddha was a result of a miraculous birth and was visited by wise men that brought him wonderful gifts. Another similar story is the one of Krishna, a Hindu god who was conceived by a virgin and during the time of his birth, angels, shepherds, and wise men were present.

Theologian Dr. Beckford tries to uncover what the connection is between these religious stories and which is the original one. He questions the validity of the Christ story and presents an argument that it may have been based on the older religions. In the end, Beckford explains the impact of his findings to the world.

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