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The God Who Wasn’t There

The God Who Wasn’t There is a 2005 independent film written and directed by Brian Flemming. The film is focused on determining the existence of Jesus through controversial evidence that supports the Christ myth theory against the historical account of Jesus and other aspects of Christianity.

Brian Flemming, a former fundamentalist teamed up Deconstructing Jesus author Robert M. Price and The End of Faith author Sam Harris as well as acclaimed historian, Richard Carrier.

Most Christians are not aware that the story of Christ bears a striking similarity to other deities worshipped by pagan cults during ancient times. The film features Christianity in a different light in a bid to determine the true origin of the religion. The God Who Wasn’t There also presents the argument that Jesus of Nazareth may not have been a real person but was in fact, a fictitious character based on Jewish scrumptious as well as mystery religions of the Roman empire.

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