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The Doomsday Code

“The Doomsday Code” is a fascinating documentary that provides a different perspective of the Apocalypse as explained in the Bible. Considered as one of the darkest literary works in human history, the Book of Revelations illustrates the wrath of God himself. However, its author remains unknown and experts are saying that his vision may be based from actual historical events.

About 40 books about the end of the world exist yet the book of Revelations was the only one included in the Bible. Some believe that the author had some ill feelings towards the Roman Empire thus creating the seven-headed beast representing the seven emperors. The mark of the beast may refer to the picture of the emperors on coins that were used at that time.

As for the dreaded number of the beast, 666, some say it actually symbolizes the three letters signifying Emperor Nero, one of the most notoriously cruel leaders in history. If these things can be proven to be true, then it could mean that the book of Revelations was intended to be a book of hope and morality rather than about doomsday itself as it was painted to be.

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