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The Day Before Disclosure (2010)

The Day Before Disclosure is a 2010 documentary film that explores the likelihood of UFOs and extraterrestrials’ presence here on earth. The film presents evidences from around the world suggesting existence of extraterrestrials here in our planet, including confirmations of the ET and UFO phenomena by Air pilots, astronauts, radar personnel, flight controllers, military officials, security personnel and countless of witnesses.

The Day Before Disclosure establishes that the alien presence is undeniable. The question becomes who these creatures are, why they chose to live among us and from where they came from.

A look into human history tells tale of strange objects seen across the skies. In quantum physics and cosmology, a new concept of reality denotes that intelligent life beyond our planet is not only possible, it’s also abundant.

The Day Before Disclosure suggests that the only reason the public is ignorant about such beings is the continuous denial and cover-ups of the government. But there is a growing notion that not too long now, the government will have no choice but come clean about ETs and UFO visitations here on earth.

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