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Spirit Science

Get ready to be taken into a cosmic journey into understanding the universe and the nature of things. With the advent of global recessions, revolutions, war and political chaos, we begin to wonder what would happen in the near future.

Spirit Science is a mini video series that follows the Patchman as he takes you into the unknown. He introduces us to the spiritual world and helps us gain a better understanding of Chakras, Sacred Geometry and Thoughts. He even discusses the mythical lost city of Atlantis and its relevance to Spirit Science.

He delves deeper and helps us further understand our thoughts and emotions. We get to see the power that we may attain by taking control of these elements and how these may give our life a 360 degree turn. We get to learn more about chakras and how our body has the ability to pick up energy on a vibratory level. The Patchman also teaches us how to look deeper and get in touch with our Male and Female energies and what it’s like to reach out beyond the boundaries of gender.

We get to see more of our Brain Hemisphere and how it works. Aside from that we also get to know more about the Indigo Children and Super Physics. We also get to learn more about the Keys of Our Past, The Flower of Life, Dimensions, Astral Projection, Evolution, Meditation, Channelling, the Power of the Heart and many more.

Get ready to expand the horizons of your imagination and understanding of the world. This film will take you on an unconventional journey to all the changes that occur in nature and amongst ourselves. Be prepared to gain a completely new and different understanding and concept of reality. Spirit Science will open your eyes and mind to the world beyond.

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