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Scientology And Me

The Church of Scientology is one of the most popular yet highly controversial “religious” groups in the world. Several high profile actors and celebrities are part of the cult and most actively encourage others to join Scientology. However, Scientology earned the ire of the public for rumors of incredible abuses on minor members such as mind control to gain psychological advantage over their enemies, auditing and even complete shunning of ex-members.

“Scientology And Me” is an episode of the BBC documentary series that was first aired in 2007. Reporter John Sweeney who visited the United States to learn more about the Church of Scientology walks the viewers through the much-maligned religious group.

Filming was tricky because of Scientologists are notoriously private. Additionally, some high-ranking Scientologists were against the film because they did not like how Sweeney conducted his interviews. There were even times when Sweeney was shouted at, stalked by the Church members, involved in a car chase in the streets of LA, and visited at his hotel in the wee hours of the night.

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