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Renaissance 2.0 (2010)

Renaissance 2.0 is a video series that offer basic understanding of the monetary system as well as the problems of rapid growth. The six-part series feature a revisiting of History, Economics 101 and Civics 101; all the while debunking myths about the system we follow today – a monolithic financial empire. The creator of the film aims to establish a common baseline from which we can confer about the future.

Lesson 1

Revisiting American History: Feature conversion of the United States as a monolithic financial empire. The Federal Reserve Act was created in a bit to monopolize cartel of private interests.

Lesson 2

Revisiting Economics 101 – Debt: Emphasizes on the power of debt-based money, featuring the bond market and its ability to deliver top down power and seize control of the empire.

Lesson 3

Revisiting Civics 101 – Ownership: Stressed how the media uses smoke and mirrors to hide the real power behind the US economy, uncovering the true power structure based after the corporate governance system.

Lesson 4.1

Part 1 – The Culture of Empire: Underline the idea of wealth as an illusion , rapid economic growth and eventual bankruptcies.

Lesson 4.2

Part 2 – The Culture of Empire: As a debt-based society grows, so does the scale of our system, causing a hailstorm of problems related to freedom, meaning and community.

Part 3 – The Culture of Empire: The rapid growth of money may be the basic concept of economic growth but economists ignore the issue of human velocity caused by a debt-based empire.

Lesson 4.4

The Culture of Empire: Features the effects of a debt-based economy like pathology, oppression and narcissism. Eventually, the financial empire edges out the government in ruling the empire.

Lesson 5.1

Part 1 – The Emerging Global Empire: Goes into detail about the strategic global transition the empire is in, taking us into global re-structuring.

Lesson 5.2

Part 2 – The Emerging Global Empire: Digs deeper on re-structuring, creating a single corporate government that moneyed individuals are trying to create.

Lesson 6.1

Brightening the Future: Underscore the powerful monetary vortex that rule our very lives to this day. This part illustrates the solution to the vortex.

Lesson 6.2

Part 2 – Brightening the Future: Features the struggle between the left vs. right political framework and how none can really resolve the cause of the vortex, only makes the vortex even more powerful.

Lesson 6.3

Brightening the Future: Focuses on how to fix the problem from the root, help enlighten the community to ensure humanity moves into Renaissance 2.0 and not into the next Dark Ages.

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