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“Religulous” is a 2008 documentary film that gives the viewers a modern perspective of world religion. This film, which is directed by Larry Charles and presented by Bill Maher, starts by presenting the fact that there are 16% more non-religious people in the United States than there are African Americans, Jews, or any other minority groups.

However, atheists have been know to hide behind the shadows which is why their voices are not heard by the authorities and government.

“Religulous” investigates the reasons why non-religious keep their identities secret and what reason they have for not giving their input on national issues. Bill Maher hopes this film changes the views of non-religious people and encourage them to make their presence known. The film opens by showing Maher in a place called Meggido found in Israel. This pile of rubble is believed by many religions to be the starting point for the apocalypse. He then presents his arguments and facts about religion. including the concept of atheism.

This film consists of various interviews with random people around the world who share their opinion about religion and not believing. Nevertheless, he gives an objective presentation by reaching out even to those that have tarnished certain religious groups’ reputation such as pedophile priests or Islamic radicals.

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