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Psychoactive Mushrooms – Nature’s Little Teachers

“Psychoactive Mushrooms – Nature’s Little Teachers” is a full-length film that presents the theory of mycologist and author Paul Stamets about psychoactive mushrooms, which he discussed during a talk he gave in Amsterdam in 1999.

According to Paul Stamets, mushrooms have the ability to remediate natural and manmade disasters, help humans gain optimal health, and serve as the universal network for all living things in the planet. This video features Paul Stamets’ lectures about the origins of the psychoactive mushrooms and the many advantages the fungus can bring to modern society.

During his seminar, Stamets explained that Psilocybin mushrooms came from old growth forests that remained untouched. He also explains everything about mushrooms including their role to the planet. He adds the argument that it might not be a coincidence that mushroom mycelium is found where there is life.

Details about the ability of Mycelium can aid in the communication between living creatures and that these mushrooms can even react to certain events including natural disasters. The attendees of this eye-opening seminar and the viewers will get to understand how valuable mushrooms really are to every living thing in the world.

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