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Proof That Group Meditation Can Change The World

Group meditation is very powerful because it can change the world, in a literal sense. A phenomenon called the Global Maharishi Effect is said to inspire people to change their surroundings. In a test conducted in 1978, a group of 7000 people performed meditation for a span of 3 weeks focusing on the idea of making a positive change in the surrounding city.

Their efforts were so effective that they were able to change the collective energy of the city. The global crime rates, violence, and casualties significantly decreased during the times when they meditated. There was also a notable decrease in the number of incidents of suicides and automobile accidents. What’s even better is the 72% reduction of terrorist acts during the period of their meditation.

The Global Maharishi Effect is based on the principle known to Physics as the Field Effect. The field of infinite correlation or the field of Transcendental Consciousness (the self-referral field of least excitation of the conscious mind), creates an effect of positivity and coherence. The mind is the transported to the implicate levels of existence where human intentions have significant effects on the explicate level that a person interacts with before it even manifests. The conscious mind produces the material world and everything in the universe is produced from a field of universal consciousness called the Unified Field or Super String Field.

About 50 experiments have already proven that global meditation can directly affect everything in the world. The results have even been recorded in the Journal of Crime and Justice in 1981. Meditation has been widely accepted to have medical and psychological benefits but these recent developments are now encouraging authorities to look deeper into its political and sociological advantages.

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