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One: The Movie

“The One” is an action-packed science fiction movie starring Jet Li and was shown in the theaters in 2001. The story of the film is rooted around the concept of parallel universes. The story begins by introducing Gabriel Yulaw played by Jet Li, an officer of the Multiverse Authority (MVA). They are able to travel to different dimensions through wormholes seeking all versions of himself in alternate universes. Gabriel believes that once he is the remaining version of himself, he will have godlike powers and be “the One”.

Yulaw was captured by the MVA but he escaped as he was being sentenced to life imprisonment in a penal colony. He set off to look for the last known surviving alternate named Gabe Law who is a police officer as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. As Law was transporting a prisoner, he felt a strange sensation that made him realize Yulaw’s existence and this foiled Yulaw’s plans of killing Law.

The film goes on a wild series of events as Law and the members of the MVA chase after Yulaw. Eventually, Yulaw finds his way to Law’s wife and kills just as Law was approaching to stop him. Law then partners with an MVA officer to track down Yulaw in another wormhole.

After finally catching up to each other, Law and Yulaw face each other for one final battle. Gabe Law wins and they are taken to the MVA headquarters after being caught in a wormhole. Law was supposed to be sent back to his universe to face the crimes committed by Yulaw but the MVA officer sent him to a dimension that had a similar past like Gabe’s.

Yulaw was last seen in the penal colony fighting off other warriors as he stood on top of the Ziggurat in the Hades universe and claiming that he can still become “the One”.

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