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Money As Debt (2006)

Money as Debt is a 2006 animated documentary centered on different monetary systems utilized by modern banking. The film, which was directed Canadian artist and filmmaker Paul Grignon, aims to present the process of money creation by banks and its historical background through the eyes of Grignon as well as warn the public of the subsequent unsustainability of these monetary systems. Majority of the film featured Grignon’s own understanding on the creation of modern money in a fractional-reserve banking system. New money is generated from the indebtedness of borrowers. This cycle not only obligates the public to money-issuing private banks but also compel people into a self-escalating cycle of debt that will, according to the film, outgrow all forms of generating wealth. Money as Debt is part of a series Grignon created, which includes Money as Debt II (2009) and Money as Debt III: Evolution Beyond Money (2011). Grignon developed the film in 2002 as an introduction to a 5-hour video commissioned for the United Financials Consumers. However, the project turned into a full-length film which was Grignon’s first animated project.

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