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Is The Internet Turning Us Into Buddhas?

Robert Thurman, father of Hollywood actress Uma Thurman, held a talk during one of TED’s speaking conference. Being the first American to become a Buddhist monk, it is only understandable that he became a Tibetan Buddhist scholar and a primary spokesperson of the religious sect.

During the discussed, he presented the concept of ordinary people being turned into Buddhas simply by using the internet. According to Robert Thurman, through two of the major principles of Tibetan Buddhism, compassion and interconnectedness and that’s precisely what the internet is all about, making connections. During his 15-minute talk, he provided a detailed analysis of his theory. According to Robert, the internet is slowly bringing everybody together. The religion, nationality, or ethnicity of a person no longer matter. Every person finds it unbearable to see other living creatures experience suffering or being abused in any way.

The internet is filled with images and videos of people, animals, and plants that are suffering. This has led to the increase of empathy among people and the internet is becoming a channel for the message of Tibetan Buddhism. There is an increase in the awareness of the link among living things and this produces compassion for all beings.

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