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Into The Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky

“Into the Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky” is a short documentary that focuses on the human consciousness and the principle of spiritual entities. This eye-opening film features the story of Barbara Brodsky, a woman who lost her hearing at the age of 27.

Years later, she started hearing the voice of a spiritual entity made of light and pure energy named Aaron. Since then, Barbara became the medium of Aaron that allows him to enter our physical world. This video consists of various interviews with experts in the field of mysticism and psychology. The documentary also features an exclusive interview with Aaron himself, who candidly shared his insights about the world and beyond.

The film takes viewers to the fascinating story of how two different beings connected on a spiritual level, allowing each one to enter each of their respective worlds. Into the Mystic: An Interview with Barbara Brodsky also shows how both beings broke down the barriers to find the love they share with each other. In some ways, their story relates to everybody else’s life as reflected by the divine spark that each person has within.

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