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God on the Brain

“God on the Brain” is a 2003 episode of the documentary series Horizon. Written and directed by Liz Tucker, the film aims to define to connection between Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) and the religious beliefs of a human being. TLE is similar to other forms of epilepsy as it causes fitting in victims. However, this type of epilepsy is also associated to religious hallucinations.

This documentary film revolves around the story of two very interesting people who have both experienced strong religious visions. The first is Gwen Tighe, she is a Christian who believed that she gave birth to Jesus Christ. The other person is atheist Rudi Affolter who believed he had already died. These two people are both suffering from TLE. Their curious cases have led to the birth of a new study about the brain called neurotheology.

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