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Gasland (2010)

Gasland is a 2010 documentary written and directed by Josh Fox. The film, which as nominated for Best Documentary in the 2011 Academy Awards, centers on communities in the United States that are affected by slickwater fracking, a method of horizontal drilling into shale formations.

The US’ obsession with utilizing fossil fuel led several people into natural gas drilling. Fox narrates that in 2008, a natural gas company offered to lease his family’s land in Pennsylvania for $100,000 to drill for gas. Fox then went on the journey to uncover the effects of gas drilling among residents in the west where natural gas drilling is seeing a boom for the last decade.

The film featured interviews of locals who relayed their stories of natural gas drilling in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Texas, etc. Fox also got in touch with locals who suffered a myriad of chronic health problems from contaminated air and water from the gas drilling. Finally, Fox also featured interviews from scientists, politicians, and gas industry executives. By the end of the film, Fox found himself in the halls of Congress to press the issue of slickwater fracking and its effects among locals. Fox aims to amend the Safe Drinking Water Act to include an exemption for hydraulic fracturing.

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