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Final Solution: Massacres in India

“Final Solution: Massacres in India” is a documentary made in 2003 by filmmaker Rakesh Sharma. It focuses on the horrific violence of the 2002 communal Gujarat Riots sparked due to the Godhra Train Burning incident in February 27, 2002. The incident led 58 people to their death, being trapped and burned alive on a train carriage. The tragedy led to numerous riots and an estimated 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus died and about 223 people were left missing.

This film contains interviews of both Muslim and Hindu people coming from different generations, both sexes, and having different insights. They share their ideas, beliefs about the root cause of the violence that happened, and the things that hope for in the future.

Some hope for peace, yet others aim for revenge. One of the most consistent names mentioned was the then-Chief Minister of the Gujarat government, Narendra Modi. He was highly criticized for not doing anything to stop the riots and instead is being blamed for inciting the violence.

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