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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” is a humorous take on the sobering fact that the United State has no academic freedom. This 2008 documentary is created by respected director Nathan Frankowski and comedian Ben Stein.

The film reveals how professors across America are being fired by merely believing or gaining interest in the principle of “Intelligent Design”.

Intelligent design is a new perspective of the universe and life itself that is not yet fully supported by science. This principle states that life and the universe is “best explained by an intelligent cause” and not because of the established scientific principle of natural selection. However, most universities and schools promote Darwinism and authorities decide to terminate their professors who are exploring the possibility of intelligent design.

For this reason, Ben Stein is able to relate Darwinism to Communism and Nazis among other negative and suffocating things. He interviews the expelled academics and other major proponents of intelligent design. He also talks to scientists who believe in Darwinism to share their insights.

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