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Esoteric Agenda (2008)

“Esoteric Agenda” is a feature-length documentary expose made by respected filmmaker Ben Stewart. The film was first released in 2008, revealing a radical group, called the “Elites,” are planning to establish New World Order meant to dominate the world.

The film also covered controversial subjects such as population control, the tragic events of 9/11, Masonic symbols and their meanings, the gulf war and its impact on the modern world, and December 21st 2012 which was declared to be the day when the world ends. All these topics are correlated to the different modern religions like Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. The film concludes by discussing how nature works, spirituality, and the true essence of life according to the union of the universe.

Viewers will get to see how the Elites are slowly taking over the social, political, corporate, economic, and even non-governmental institutions. The film crew presents valuable information they gathered through extensive research and interviews with experts. In the end, this film aims to make the people aware of such agenda in order to help preserve the future of humanity.

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