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Devil’s Bible

Once considered the eighth wonder of the world, the Codex Gigas (which means “big book” in Latin) is the largest known medieval manuscript in the world. Codex Gigas weighs about 165 pounds, about three feet long, and is said to be made from the skins of at least 160 donkeys. Legends say that the written text on the book was a product of the pact made by a doomed monk with the devil himself.

“Devil’s Bible” is an in-depth look of the world’s largest and most mysterious medieval manuscripts. The film is written by Amanda Gronich and directed by Robert Michaels and was first televised by National Geographic in 2008. The film presents and attempts to explain the things that are contained in the books such as demonic spells, satanic images, ancient histories, medicinal cures, and scriptures of the bible. The film crew went on a journey to uncover who the real author of the book is and why it was written.

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