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All God’s Children

“All God’s Children” is an eye-opening documentary centered on the story of three families and their collective experiences at the hand of the first boarding school for children of missionaries. The boarding school has been investigated for abuse and the film chronicles the journey of the victims towards justice.

The film focuses on the Shellrude, Darr, and Berdslee families who decided to leave North America to live in West Africa because in the 1950’s because they wanted to spread Christianity around the world. Children who are 6 years old and above are required to attend the boarding school in Mamou, Guinea and the children were away from their families 9 months a year. The Christian and Missionary Alliance run the school so the parents believed their children were in good hands.

Unfortunately, the children experienced various forms of physical, emotional, mental, and even sexual abuse. It took decades before the children realized the effects of the suffering they endured in the school. Their families came to the Church but their complaints were ignored. Fortunately, their persistence paid off and years after, the Christian and Missionary Alliance conducted an investigation of the allegations.

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