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9/11: Press For Truth (2006)

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are known as the most horrific terrorist attack in the United States. It took thousands of lives and virtually wiped out two of the most popular landmarks in New York within minutes. Since then, numerous conspiracy theories have risen regarding the real reason behind the attack.

“9/11: Press For Truth” is a 3-part documentary that details the alleged cover-ups and deception made by the US Government regarding 9/11 in order to gain support from the public over sending American troops in the Middle East.

The film begins by presenting the US Government’s formal investigation on the attack thus leading to the birth of the 9/11 Commission. As a form of due diligence, the relatives of the victims in turn, formed the 9/11 Family Steering Committee in order to monitor the actions of the Commission. Details about the initial struggles of the Commission are shown like the moment Henry Kissinger resigned as the chairman of the Commission because of criticisms. It also questions some of the regulations of the Commission. One such rule is that president George W. Bush and Vice-president Dick Cheney would only meet with the Commission if they were together and that it would be held behind closed doors without being under oath.

The next part of the film provides a discussion of the complaints made by the Jersey Girls particularly about the failure of the Commission to provide positive results and the unsatisfactory coverage by the American media companies. This segment also introduces Paul Thompson, a man who claims to have evidence that proves the US government had full knowledge of the plane attacks and that warnings given by other countries were ignored.

The last part of the film is focused on the attack of the US troops on Afghanistan. It raises questions as to how Osama Bin laden and other leaders of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda were able to evade the US forces for so long. This part also touches on the Soviet-Afghan War and how the US Government funded the Afghan Muhajadeen to fight against the Russians. The film also discusses other controversies and conspiracy theories then ends by pointing out the failure of the US media companies to present fair and balanced news to the public.

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