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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011)

“Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” is a 2011 feature length documentary film made by director Peter Joseph. It was first shown during the Artist Film Festival held in the JACC Theater in Los Angeles. The film delves deep into what society would be like if we made the move to change the socio-economic standard of the monetary system into a more sustainable social standard called “Resource-based Economy.”

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is divided into 4 installment and each one featured several interviews, detailed facts, narratives, and illustrations that aim to prove the advantages of changing current system followed by countries across the globe. It also presents various arguments that encourage economists to pay more attention the “life-ground” characteristics that contribute to survival. A fictional storyline is also shown to emphasize the current status of the world economy and what can be done to improve the future.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Part I: Focuses on Human Nature and it mainly aims to prove that the social and cultural environment have a huge influence on human behavior. The beginning of part one is narrated by Jacque Fresco where he tells the story of his life and how he decided to discontinue his education when he was just 14 years old. He shares how his views and beliefs remained radical despite all the education he was receiving. According to Fresco, his point of view was mainly a product of his experiences during the Great Depression and World War II.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Part II: Discusses Social Pathology and it presents the history of the existing economic standard that economists follow. A narrative tells the story of how John Locke promulgated the foundation of the basic principles of private ownership of land, capital, and labor through the Two Treatises of Government. The story of Adam Smith and in The Wealth of Nations is also shown to depict how he used the term “invisible hand” in order define how one person’s personal interest can benefit the whole society.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Part III: This is a presentation of the different aspects of a “resource-based economy”. It gives a complete discussion of the benefits of this standard according to the principles introduced by Jacque Fresco. Viewers will get to see the advantages of substituting a new economic standard that is based on the resource types, quantities, and location in order to fulfill human demands. Information about properly tracking consumption to avoid shortage of resources and preserve the environment is also discussed.

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Part IV: Features the negative effects of the existing economic system of the world causing worldwide catastrophes ranging from pollution, overpopulation, global warming, deforestation, warfare, and more. Studies performed by the UN show that at least 18,000 children die everyday due to starvation and that the rate of global poverty has doubled since the 70s.

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