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Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008)

Zeitgeist Addendum is a 2008 documentary that aims to determine the causes of pervasive social corruption and finding a solution that is not based on morality, laws, politics or any other established notion of human affairs, rather, through contemporary understanding of what we are and how we align in nature.

Directed by Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist Addendum is set out to uncover a new social system, one that is based on the works of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project.

The four-part film starts and ends with a speech from Jiddu Krishnamurti with philosophical notions narrated by Peter Joseph. Each installment features popular quotes from notable scholars: Krishnamurti, John Adams, Bernard Lietaer, and Thomas Paine, respectively.

Zeitgeist Addendum Part 1: Features money as the most corrosive societal tradition. The film explains that the existing monetary system of the US as well as its policies, the fractional reserve banking system contributes to poverty, interest, inflation and debts.

Zeitgeist Addendum Part II: Features ruminations from Confessions of an Econimic Hitman author, John Perkins. Perkins, who was involved in the subjugation of Latin American economies by multinational corporations, shares how the US government was involved in the overthrow and installation of different Latin American head of state.

Zeitgeist Addendum Part III: This installment highlights the Venus Project and Jacque Fresco. Part three of the film aims to assert the shifting away from current socioeconomic paradigms. Fresco shares how capitalism and free-market enterprise does not promote efficiency, progress or abundance. Rather, it encourages the creation of scarcity, consumption, greed and monetary gain. Rather than using the concept of capitalism to solve the problem, the problem propagates and only large corporations benefit from it.

Zeitgeist Addendum Part IV: Aims to highlight all major social problems to purge ignorance maintained by the beliefs instilled to us by political, monetary, and religious institutions. The final installment of the film aims to promote a cosmopolitan attitude, stating that human societies are an interdependent universe, suggesting that non-violent revolution are effective in opposing rigid social institutions.

The film concludes with actors suddenly stopping what they were doing and letting go of symbolic items of religious, corporate or materialistic significance. The final message of the film is to shun major banks in the Federal Reserve System, the major news networks (CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc.), the military, energy and join in support a Zeitgeist Movement.

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