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Water Powered Car Unveiled: Yes It’s Real

There is a worldwide clamor for finding new sources of energy as supply for fossil fuels are depleted. Byproducts from burning fossil fuel also cause a lot of damage to the environment. This is why various forms of sustainable energy like solar and wind power are introduced to the society.

One of the most interesting alternatives to fossil fuel is utilizing machines that require only renewable energy like water-fuelled cars in the past. However, the idea was scrapped because global car makers, among others, saw the concept of water-fuelled cars as a thread to their business.

In 2008, a Japanese company named Genepax introduced the water-powered car. The car will run using any type of water. The car comes with an energy generator that splits the water molecules, producing hydrogen which powers the car. This technology is based on the principle of membrane electrode assemble (MEA) where hydrogen is detached from the oxygen through a chemical reaction. The method is so simple that there is no need to use a high-pressure hydrogen tank or hydrogen reformer. Unfortunately, the Genepax company did not last long because they lacked the funds and closed shop a year after they introduced their water-powered car.

Ohio inventor Stanley Allen Meyer also introduced his own version of the water-powered car. Unfortunately, potential investors sued him, claiming that his invention was nothing new and that it simply used electrolyses. He was accused of being a fraud and the US Department of Energy, US Department of Defense, and several investors investigated him. In 1998, Meyer died mysteriously after dining at a restaurant. Many believe he was poisoned by powerful people who wanted his water-powered car scrapped completely.

There are several advantages of using water to power automobiles. Water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. By separating the water molecule into its component atoms and oxidized as fuel, energy stronger than the conventional gasoline is produced. Moreover, the combustion produced is just water vapor making it absolutely pollution-free.

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