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TomTato Plant Grows Both Tomatoes & Potatoes

Areas of land that can be used for agriculture has steadily decreased during the past few decades This is one of the main reasons why experts are trying to find great ways to tend mini gardens, gardens that can be maintained in smaller places. Techniques developed includes a system where growing veggies in vertical stacks on windows. This is made possible using Ferris wheel-like contraptions that can hold multiple plants without taking too much space.

Recently, the British horticulture company Thompson and Morgan, introduced the TomTato, a type of plant that produces tomatoes and potatoes at the same time. This technique does not require genetic engineering to work but is simply a plant that has a cherry tomato plant on top and white potato plant at the foot of the stalk. This technique has been done done before but the outcome has been underwhelming.

The TomTato has a higher level of Brix or sugar content so the taste of the fruit and the potato tastes the same as conventional produce of its kind. What’s even better is the amount of tomatoes and potatoes it can bear as the company claims one plant can produce up to 500 tomatoes and 2Kg of potatoes.

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