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This Will Mindfuck You: The Double-Slit Experiment

This short video features events that defy logical and even scientific explanation. The 5-minute film explains in detail how simple act of observation has the possibility of altering reality.

The film walks viewers through the theory that electrons acted as particles when cameras were focused on them. Without the presence of cameras, the electrons acted simultaneously as particles and waves. This led scientists to believe that electrons somehow know when they are being observed.

In 2002, another group of researchers performed the double-slit experiment. Their research developed an environment where the electrons had no possibility of knowing that there was an observing instrument being used. Their version was on a smaller scale where a single photon was emitted and an interferometer was inserted and not inserted to determine its behavior.

It only takes 40 nanoseconds (ns) for the interferometer to be inserted. On the other hand, it takes 160 ns for the information about the insertion to travel to the photon before it entered the slits. Basically, this means that the information has to travel 4 times the speed of light in order for the photon to recognized it was being observed.

Their experiment showed that when photons were being observed, they acted like particles 93% of the time. This percentage is considered in scientific experiments as conclusive proof and their research could mean that either matter can act as wave or particle depending on whether or not is being observed.

This also means that observation “may possibly” alter the outcome of macroscopic events. Lastly, this proves that science still has a long way to go before it fully understands the universe.

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