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This Is What Happens When A Kid Leaves Traditional Education

Logan Laplante is not an average teen. He was taken out of the education system and was home-schooled instead. Logan is free to tailor his education according to his interests and his learning style is something that no conventional school offers. At a 2013 TEDx talk, Logan discussed how hacking his education has helped him learn so much more, but how it also became instrumental in achieving his life goals.

Logan is just one of the few students who are taken out of standard education and was placed in Special Ed tailored to suit his interest.

As students, we are all taught that education is the foundation of future success. However, in Logan’s case, the standard education system may not be enough to nurture his talents and skills. Modern education, particularly Special Education, utilizes out of the box learning techniques in order to nurture a student’s skills. Special education puts the focus on every individual, taking into consideration their interest as a way to help them learn more effectively.

In 2007, Sir Ken Robinson gave a controversial TED talk where he shared how he believes education kills creativity. Home-schooled children fare better as far as out of the box thinking and creativity goes. I the US, 3.8 of children ages 5 to 7 are homeschooled. In Canada, only about 1% of children are homeschooled. Studies reveal that in both countries, children who were homeschooled outperform their peers from both public and private schools.

Some experts believe that home-schooled children are likely to become more creative, adaptive while remaining a forward-thinker because such teaching style does not hamper a child’s creativity. As kids, we are taught to believe that an education from a good school and a diploma are two things we need to become successful in life. But with the success rate of children who were homeschooled, is this dated belief still hold weight today?

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