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Theory of Evolution in No Way Explains Origins of Life

A majority of today’s society believes that the Theory of Evolution proves the beginning of life and this has been the accepted truth ever since Charles Darwin developed this theory. Even experts such as scientists claim that evolution is what brought about life on Earth.

However, there is a huge gap in this belief. The Theory of Evolution does not explain the origin of life itself. In fact, the only thing it explains is the process of how living creatures adapt and reproduce in response to the influence of the environment, behavior of living organisms, and sexual stimulus. Natural selections indeed exists in living organisms but it only functions because life is already present.

The question of where life came from is something that most proponents of evolution consciously or unconsciously disregard. It is important to note that the Theory of Evolution as the source of life is just a scientific principle and not a proven fact of science. Moreover, it does not mean that if a scientist states something as fact then everyone should accept this thing as a fact. There must be conclusive evidence.

Even the Big Bang theory cannot explain the origin of life as no living organism could survive such impact. In addition, the physical laws and the reality that we have right now are just products of the Big Bang. And yet this theory is also not supported by conclusive scientific evidence.

So now the question still stands. Where did life come from?

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