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The Brain Wave Spectrum and Binaural Beats

In 1839, German scientist Heinrich Dove discovered binaural beats and its effects on the human mind through different brainwaves it produces. Since then, binaural beats have been revered as one of the most effective ways of creating brainwaves for recreational and relaxation purposes.

One of these brainwaves is the Delta brainwave. This is regarded as the most relaxing brainwave frequency range and is usually linked to the state of unconscious awareness, empathy, and the deepest stages of sleep. Though they are the lowest in brainwave frequency at 0 – 4 Hz, delta brainwaves have the highest amplitude. Similar to other slow brainwave patterns, delta brainwaves are commonly generated in the right hemisphere. However, there are cases when these brainwaves can be found in widespread patterns all over the brain.

Another type of brainwave is the theta brainwaves. Such class of brainwave provide extremely relaxing brainwave activity. In fact, theta brainwaves are usually linked to sleep and daydreaming. The brainwave frequency of theta brainwaves ranges from 4 – 8 Hz and have high amplitude. Theta brainwaves are commonly generated in the right hemisphere of the brain and are usually produced when a person is relaxed, unconscious, asleep, emotional, or daydreaming. Experts have observed an increase in theta brainwaves in people who have A.D.D. and when a person is able to reach high levels of relaxation or creativity.

Alpha brainwaves on the other hand, are deemed as the relaxed brainwave activity. These brainwaves range from 8 – 12 Hz and are commonly generated in the right hemisphere of the brain or simultaneously having a matching pattern between both left and right hemispheres. These brainwaves are usually produced when the mind and body of a person is completely relaxed and free of stress. Alpha brainwaves is also believed to be the “normal” brainwave and is mostly dominant when the eyes of a person are closed.

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